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Aversia is home to magical beasts with properties far beyond what a mundane animal might be capable of. This page is host to not only the animals that might aid you in combat, but enemies and monsters who would seek the death of everything.

Fauna Chart

An important note on real-life fauna.

Any real-life animals that do not have a lore equivalent are considered common and can be encountered in character without the need for an event application.
Fauna Rarity
Romgle Common
Hedgerock Common
Hanese Hotblood Common
Spotted Carriage Dog Common
Hanese Semi-Longhair Common
Hairless Desert Cat Common
Midland Tabby Common
Valois Scuro Common
Avaltan Tundra Cat Common
Laughing Boar Hound Common
Valois Spaniel Common
Wuxine Pariah Dog Common
Vel'dur Mountain Dog Common
Hinterland Sled Dog Common
Southern Windhund Common
Antelope Hound Common
Aestatian Destrier Common
Aoressan Camel Common
Ajja Coldblood Common
Wuxine Firetail Common
Treivan Wild Horse Common
Imperial Warmblood Common
Ibren Cob Common
Seaslug Common
Lumiose Jellies Common
Biharin Common
Belinard Wild Cat Rare
Coral Cervus Rare
Foamtails Rare
Fauna Rarity
Crystal Deer Common
Deep Run Mites Common
Gelatinous Ooze Common
Spriggan Common
Leshen Common
Demonic Thrall Rare
Night-Mare Rare
Kitol Rare
Baonus Rare
Pultyr Rare
The Kheris Rare
Moline Rare
Crylem Rare
Thunderbird Rare
Mungos Rare
Carnivorous Rabbits Rare
Anion Mammoth Rare
Flightless Raptor Rare
Pegasus Rare
Sabre-Tooth Bear Rare
Kravera Rare
Gargoyle Rare
Sun Scorpion Rare
Bru'Tag Rare
Colossal Crab Rare
Snosabel Tiger Rare
White Stag Rare
Maned Wild Cat Rare
Swamp Cyclops Rare
Phoenix Rare
Ya'kaldrum Rare
Unicorn Rare
Brawnin Bloatback Rare
Valois Caravel Rare
Ghoulish Puffer Fish Rare
Forsworn Treant Legendary
Fauna Rarity
Mimicrov Common
Kal'gra Croc Common
Striped Antelope Common
Mhane Cobra Common
Crithta Fox Common
Kiir Owl Common
Aestatian Fighting Dog Common
Imperial Heeler Common
Ten-Eyed Swamp Eel Common
Amphillium Common
Sand Glider Common
Chroma Zakra Common
Steed of the Seas Rare
Samburru Howler Rare
Imps Rare
Mutu Rare
Slithershard Rare
Centipreedle Rare
Mor Owl Rare
Infernos Custos Rare
Aurochs Common Rare
Miniature Dragons Common Rare Legendary
Fauna Rarity
Wyverns Rare
Dagon Rare
Kumiho Rare
Sand Wyrm Rare
Shike Rare
Manticore Rare
Hydra Rare
Ice Threader Rare
Fim Shark Legendary
Abysmal Vitreous Legendary
Paradox Spawn Legendary
Supian Legendary
Griffins Legendary
Jungle Tyrannosaurus Legendary
Matekai Legendary
Deep-Sea Akrell Legendary
Fauna Rarity
Voidlings Rare
Lich Legendary
Tractatori Legendary
Dragons Legendary
Leviathan Legendary
Monument Turtle Legendary
The Mountgle Unique
King Slime Unique
The Mechanical Hydra Unique
Anninguta Unique
The Matriarch Unique
Fauna Rarity
The Undead ???
Reavers Rare Legendary

Danger Rating

The Danger Rating is a scale from Least to Most dangerous creatures. This is a general guideline for how dangerous something might be. This is not a scale for how tamable something is, but is a good gauge for how dangerous being around various creatures might be. Not all creatures in the same tier are as dangerous, meaning each tier is rather broad and is made for clearer distinctions between each one.

Passive (Nodes)

These creatures are usually passive. They tend to run away more if they are attacked rather than fight. This does not mean they are incapable of combat, just that it is not their preferred or most proficient form. Good examples of this would be sheep, goats, horses, stags, etc.

Threatening (Material Gathering App)

These creatures are dangerous in large groups, but not all of them will operate this way. In general. Good examples of creatures like this might be bears, wolves, etc.

Dangerous (Event)

These creatures are typically frightening but sometimes can be handled alone. It is best to work in groups to ensure success. It is at this tier that many of these creatures will begin to have minor dangerous supernatural properties such as magic. Good examples of creatures like this would be Crylem, Bru'Tag, Gargoyles, etc.

Monstrous (Event)

These creatures are extremely dangerous and should not be trifled with alone or under most circumstances. Fighting these could result in the death of a number of people as well as other bodily harm. Good examples of creatures like this would be Fim Sharks, Matekai, Manticore, etc.

Mythic (Event)

These creatures will likely kill anything they find or anything that tries to challenge it. This does not mean that they are always aggressive, but should they fight, it would be a harrowing experience for their opponent. Good examples of creatures like this would be Dragons, Liches, Voidlings, etc.

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