Abysmal Vitreous

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Lurking in the gloomy depths of waters, the Abysmal Vitreous, sometimes nicknamed the 'Crystal Fish', is appropriately considered highly illusive. While it is relatively smaller, growing at a usual length of 20-30 cm (7.8-11.8 inches), correctly judging its specific size and shape is nearly impossible. Having an astounding veil of camouflage, the Abysmal Vitreous' scales and flesh are completely transparent.

The only way to locate this type of aquatic fish is not only by the movement of water it traverses, but also its thin skeletal system. Mainly the spine, skull and teeth are the only things visible, which have a distinct blanched coloration. Milky white, clouded eyes which relate to the color of its bone can also be seen, yet due to the darkness the Abysmal Vitreous lives in, it is almost totally blind. While such may be a disadvantage, the inability to see instead helps them sense very sensitive movement in the water, as well as heat. Its internal organs are not completely obscured either, simply giving off a dull pink color, yet in the darkness the entrails cannot be noticed.

The Abysmal Vitreous has thin yet short teeth, and while not typically aggressive, a single bite from one penetrates the skin easily if it happens to be threatened. Actually trying to capture one can be confusing because of its invisible nature. Even so, its bones and entrails are protected by flesh, and physically touching one has the same scaly texture as any other fish despite its unsettling presentation.

Abysmal Vitreous' are constantly searched for by the people of Aversia. Their deep dwellings prove their attainability to be very challenging, though not impossible, and are especially easier for Syrien. The unique properties which keep the fish in their translucent nature is immensely striven for, predicted that their physical invisibility can be achieved on one's own body by alchemically experimenting on the features of the aquatic animal's form.


They are mainly solitary, and therefore are much less abundant. Having been over fished in the past, Abysmal Vitreouses are legendary, not to mention the difficulty of actually spotting one. They are also victims of being prey to other larger fish species.


The Abysmal Vitreous dwells in the deepest depths of oceans, and more rarely in lakes. Preferring to hide out in rocky crevices and never in complete open water. Caves submerged in water have been known to be the best area they occupy.


The Abysmal Vitreous do seek meat intake and nothing else, dining largely on shrimp and other small fish. Along the more rocky areas of their habitat they sometimes eat clams or sea snails, martyring their shells with their effectively sharp, course teeth.


Abysmal Vitreous' are largely neutral, if not cautious around people, strategically hiding in chasms in avoidance. Sometimes the flash of their white skeleton in the dark occurs for such a short time, before they flee into the darkness to never be seen again.

The common urge to catch one induces the fish into an aggressive nature of self defense, which can be highly dangerous if a bite is inflicted on a being in such pressing depths.


  • The Abysmal Vitreous' flesh is entirely invisible, unable to be seen at all besides the skull, spine, and organs of the fish.
  • The Abysmal Vitreous is known to be fast in water, and excellent at hiding.
  • Due to the darkness they inhabit, Abysmal Vitreous' are near to completely blind.
  • Abysmal Vitreous' are able to sense the most delicate of movement in the water, as well as changes in temperature.

Material Properties

  • None.

Alchemical Properties

  • The internal organs of the fish can be dissected from it. Eating the entrails completely by themselves usually is not as effective, but by extracting the moisture from them and ingesting such can lead a peculiar process that begins to degrade a person's body into similar translucence that the fish undergoes. However, to achieve complete invisibility requires Catalysts.

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