Airship Mechanics

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Airships are seen made by the most bold inventors and enchanters and are the only sort of transportation in Aversia that can fall under the category of aircraft. These airships are commonly made out of three or two parts, the body of the ship, the burner or otherwise engine, and the balloon or sails. When made by a mage, they seem to not have a burner or engine to them and are rather powered by their sails enchantment to keep the boat afloat. Regardless of who makes it, a master woodworker is always required to help in the process of creation.

The Body

The body of the airship is the part where all crew and other passengers will be staying. This is also where any objects such as storage for fuel and edibles will be placed. The pilot of the airship will also be situated on the body of the ship. These ships are generally light and are never considered heavy ships.

The Burner

The burner of the airship is located just underneath the airships balloon if applicable to even have a burner. This will be fueled with a glammori and powered with liquid mana in order to even lift itself off of the ground. Should the ship be enchanted, the proper amount of liquid mana is still required to treat the sail with in order to keep its power renewed and able to work without any form of risk to the crew of the airship ceasing function.

Steering and Operation

An airship can be steered in a variety of ways, though most commonly it is steered just like any boat in the water with many sails and using the wind to help direct its movement. Rotary blades can also be implemented onto either type of airship in order to help it propel in the desired direction however they are rather dangerous and have been known to sometimes act up when in use. Piloting an airship requires training and a crew well-versed in the airship as well. It can be risky or otherwise dangerous due to the altitude of the ship that increases with the smaller the airship gets. Any foolish pilot that risks their airship going above the clouds has been known to kill their entire crew by suffocation, causing their ship to plummet down as soon as it ran out of fuel.


  • Airships must possess a crew, storage for fuels and edibles, and other requirements that would fit a basic ship.
  • Airships can be created by a master woodworker and an alchemist with the ability to use Glammori to create the means to fuel the airship if made without the use of enchanting.
    • Unenchanted airships must have a balloon of some kind in order to function.
  • If used with enchanting, it only requires a master woodworker and an enchanter.
  • Regardless of method of creation airships require liquid mana to properly function at all times.
  • Airships can travel through the air, though only to a logical altitude. To clarify, this cannot go above the clouds but may be on the same level as them.
  • Airships may not have any type of weapon attached to it. Airships cannot drop payloads of explosives.
    • During event team events that are purely PvE, airships are allowed to have weapons atop of them if the DM explicitly allows such, though in the political system this is absolutely not allowed.
  • Fuel Cost: One liter of liquid mana per ten titles of political system movement. 100ml is required for one tile of movement per the political system map.

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