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The Marauder

Brand: Present on the branded’s dominant hand within the palm in a glimmering emerald.
Motto: "Everything has value, and everything is mine. If I can’t have it, no one shall."
Color: Emerald Green
Common Worshipers: Pirates, Non-Heirs/Second-Borns, Peasantry, Thieves
Domains: Coveting, Avarice, Abundance, Kinship
Sub-Domains: Stealth, Shadows
Favored Objects: Precious Metals, Heirlooms, Relics

Amona, or as most commonly referred to by her lesser demons and those in Farcanith, Madame Amona, is seen as a woman of ghostly pale features. Along her skin and most particularly her face, cracks of shadows break apart her features. Her eyes are an inky black much like her hair, except her hair falls down into wisps of shadows, never able to be truly touched. Her fingers disperse into shadows much like her hair, causing her to never have a proper hold on anything for very long, furthering her desire to possess anything and everything. She is devoid of all senses and speech except for sight, causing a deep desire to have everything that others possess for she doesn’t possess it herself. Madame Amona is known to dress in stolen garments from Astaroth’s Halls, often taking on a more disheveled look of cheap nobility. Her coat dissipates at the end into nothing but darkness, leaving a trail of darkness behind her that engulfs everything it touches with a feeling of despair and wanting.


  • If it exists, it can be owned; what is yours and what you are represents your worth.
  • Always be prepared with your tools of trade, always have one to watch your back.
  • Take whatever isn’t nailed down; if you have a hammer, take those, too!

Layer of Farcanith

The Shattered Seas are the connector between all of the different layers of Farcanith with each Greater Demon. These seas are made out of pure shadow instead of water and are endlessly empty to the mundane eye. When one goes down far enough, they find themselves choking on nothing but darkness, with only the faintest glimmer of gold and value catching their eye before they perish into nothingness, never able to truly catch their desire for value. Riding atop the waves of darkness, Amona herself may be found sailing upon her boat with her crewmates afflicted with the same shadowy plague as she travels from place to place in search of her next haul.


The branded of Amona are capable of opening their own pocket dimension inside of Farcanith. Once open they can store any non-sentient thing inside of this limitless pocket dimension that they so choose.


Amona is often cursed by the other Greater Demons due to her ability to make it into anywhere she wishes within their layers of Farcanith. She’s often described as a rat, but as offensive as it sounds, this is a term of endearment to her ability to snatch anything she wishes. Amona looks upon Astaroth as a joy to have in Farcanith due to such abundant wealth in his Hall. She can’t get herself to understand the desires of any of the other Greater Demons, especially Elbrieta.

Myths and Speculations

Madame Amona is often rumored to be seen sailing the seas of Aversia with her crew on her ship of darkness, bringing bad omen to all sailors as most ships tend to end up shipwrecked or sunk at the bottom of the ocean, picked clean of all value.

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