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This amphibian, upon first look appears like a large lily pad. When one comes into contact with it and it deems you a worthy prey, (that being anything from a fish, frog, rabbit or even a small child), it will attack and show it’s true form. The head of the Amphillium will lift up, revealing that the lily pad was but the top of its head merely flat like a stingray with sharp teeth. The bottom of its body is hidden, yet shaped like that of an amphibian, making it able to swim and walk on land with it’s four legs and tail.

When it spots prey it lays in waiting on the edge of ponds or lakes it commonly resides in, often with a few of it’s brethren to make the take down easier. It houses a row of sharp teeth and moves with a fast waddling motion when chasing. It will try and bite it’s prey in areas that make them unable to move and drag them into the water to devour like piranhas. Parents often warn children not to play along because of these creatures and many a small animal has lost it’s life to it.


They live most commonly in swamps but can be found in lakes and ponds too, infesting and breeding quickly when established. They are considered Common.


They room together in groups of at most five, hanging out in unclear waters and greenery filled areas. They‘re freshwater animals but are able to survive in salt water as well, just not for long periods of time.


Small animals such as rabbits, ducks, fish, frogs and if possible small children. They are aggressive and often hungry for blood.


Amongst each other they are accepting as long as the others pull their weight. Towards any other living being they are hostile.


  • Can camouflage themselves to look exactly like a lily pad.
  • Rows of dangerously sharp teeth that can rip flesh extremely easily.
  • Extremely fast in water, slow on land.
  • Cannot be tamed.

Material Properties

  • Their lily pads are tough and can be used as bucklers with the same strength as Iron-Soul. These are most commonly used for fighting in water as they move as if they were in air, and can also be used for light weight armor underwater with the same effect.

Alchemical Properties

  • None

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