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The Father of Aurochs

Anninguta is an ancient being. Aside from the Elder Dragons, it is said that Anninguta is one of the eldest creatures in the world. Already was it figured in the earliest cave paintings of humanity, as well as recorded in the first tomes of the elves. Then, folk spoke of Anninguta already as an ancient creature - many spoke of its wisdom - but also worshipped it to some extent. It is said that Anninguta is a massive creature, resembling a colossal auroch. Anninguta is said to be 18 meters tall, 12 meters wide, and 30 meters long from collar to rump. It bears a great tail that drags along the ground, which is also 12 meters long.

Being the Father of Aurochs, Anninguta holds characteristics that are innate to all three creatures. Namely six powerful legs, cleft articulated feet & hooves that end in claws, a row of sharp carnivorous teeth and and ancient magic linked to the earth itself. In addition to these properties, Anninguta holds some particularities of its own. Its sense of smell is highly developed, and its eyesight can entrance other creatures. Its fur has the properties of mihril. Furthermore there are tales of it being an amphibious creature, capable of holding its breath for up to an hour underwater. What's more, as a massive creature, it possesses gargantuan strength and resilience, making Anninguta a force to be reckoned with.

Many a time has Anninguta been hunted down, not as many can have the pride to say it has been slain; however those that do often bore its hide as a result. Still- it is said that Anninguta comes back to life the next century, and renews its period of hibernation.


The location of Anninguta is unknown. Many say it slumbers for centuries before emerging every millenia or so to graze in every landmass and biome it comes across, before returning to hibernation.


Anninguta's general habitat is said to be within the frigid Hinterlands, albeit its location is wildly unknown.


Anninguta needs to only feed itself every thousand years or so, it often devours ludicrous quantities of flora before dropping back into a lengthy period of hibernation.


Anninguta cares little for any form of sapience or speech of others, as it slumbers and dreams of times long gone. However it can be riled from its slumber to be spoken to, often times granting ancient wisdom in exchange for a deal of some kind.


  • Anninguta's body is massive, covered in thick resilient fur with properties akin to mithril.
  • Anninguta possesses the characteristics of all three of its progeny (six limbs, clawed hooves, carnivorous teeth, etc).
  • Anninguta's lung capacity is equal to an Ice Threader, and thus it can hold its breath for up to an hour.
  • Anninguta can entrance creatures within its sight to pacify, enrage or submit these creatures to its will, along with an unknown ancient magic.
  • Anninguta can command any and all aurochs around it without any effort.
  • Anninguta can turn ethereal under the light of the moon. A trail of frigid cold follows it, easily petrifying those that cross it into statues of ice.
  • Anninguta is technically immortal, and whilst it can be slain, it will reform and slumber for the next century in lands unknown until it must graze again.

Material properties

  • Anninguta's fur can be used as a crude armor in order to protect oneself with strength akin to Mithril.
  • Its tusks and horns can be harvested as a catalyst additive for Disciplines of Biomancy and Terramancy, as well as an additional Discipline.

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