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The King of Farcanith

Brand: Displayed across the entirety of one's chest in a vivid royal purple.
Motto: "Look at your work and smile. No one can do it better."
Color: Royal Purple
Common Worshipers: Nobility, Knights, First-Borns, Perfectionists
Domains: Pride, Apathy, Stability, Perfection
Sub-Domains: Desire, Hellfire
Favored Objects: Crowns, Swords, Mirrors

Astaroth is the oldest of the Greater Demons, taking on the appearance of a decadent-looking man donned in full ebony plate. He boasts heraldry of purples and whites atop his armor as well as the brand of Pride over his cloak that falls in an elegant manner over his shoulders. He wears no helmet and instead boasts an extravagant and imposing crown made out of the purest of gold and other sparkling gems which surprisingly cause him no harm. Astaroth has four pitch black wings that spread out from his middle and lower back out of his armor, though these wings are pinned down and chained by hellfire, preventing him from ever taking flight. Those who dare to have claimed to see him state that Astaroth possesses the most imposing greatsword that man could ever lay eye on, a blade whose name, Klinugar, has been heard by many before Astaroth cut them down with its edge. Most would refer to him as the King of Farcanith but in truth he’s the only Greater Demon to not be native to Farcanith and is rather a fallen-angel. Astaroth was native to The Fortress of Judgement, the holy plane of Veltes, the father of Dahriim and Belek. He was an angel of great renown, however had committed a grave sin against Veltes and the other angels stemming from his pride. This particular sin is rumored to have been the ruthless slaying of another angel who offended his pride. The God of Heroes casted Astaroth out of his holy plane and down into Farcanith with his wings chained in Hellfire so that he may bask in his pride amongst others beneath him after he committed such a crime, unable to cause any harm to the divine realm from the prison of Farcanith. Since the splitting of Veltes and the creation of Belek and Dahriim, Astaroth has found himself forced into becoming the demi-servant of Belek, both amplifying and nullifying his pride as he could never truly be considered holy again even if he was forced to act the part.


  • You are the only one who matters; make this known, one way or another.
  • None may oppose your superior will, even those stronger or quicker.
  • Vulnerability and sensitivity is weakness; do not fall prey to selflessness.

Layer of Farcanith

Astaroth’s layer of Farcanith is rather peculiar when in consideration of all the others. The Hall of Astaroth is extremely opulent, gaudy and disturbing, boasting endless halls that mimic those of an Emperor’s throne room, with fancy carpets littered over stone floors. Thousands upon thousands of shrines or otherwise statues of Astaroth are littered amongst his Hall, with imps and other lesser demons praying and basking in his magnificence. In the center of this seemingly endless labyrinth is a throne large enough to seat his illustrious form, surrounded by depictions of riches, decadence and, of course, more depictions of himself.


The branded of Astaroth forever look youthful, but may still die of old age. This means that someone who is 80 will physically retain the mechanics of old age (for example weaker as an 80 year old due to age), but they will seem in their early-mid 20s appearance wise. Astaroth branded are resistant to hell-fire, and additionally the first ability that would stun, root or apply any form of crowd control does not affect them per stressful scenario.


Astaroth, even if it is technically untrue, believes himself to be the king of and above all other Greater Demons, and commonly makes this known. While he tolerates them, it’s rare he’d ever pay his precious attention to them.

Myths and Speculations

People often speculate that Astaroth and Belek view themselves in some form of brotherly relationship with one another due to their close ties and relations to the Dead God, Veltes.

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