Avaltan Tundra Cat

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This breed of cat is considered medium-large in size. It is known to be one of the larger breeds of cat in the realm of Aversia. Their body shape can be described as a barrel-like body, broad shoulders and head. Rather than some of the more slender and agile appearing bodies of other cats. On average the cat will weigh between about 15 and 20lbs.

Their large body and paws advertise the strength and hunting skill of this cat, despite being covered in long fur. The cat is known for its strength and power, skills needed to survive in the harsh weather where food is scarce. The large paws of the Tundra Cat act as snowshoes to help them in get around in the deep snow, allowing them to walk along the surface rather than sinking in.

The Tundra Cat has much longer fur than its Hanese cousin. Most notable is a thick outer coat that has long hairs insulating them from water that could otherwise prove deadly in the frigid tundras they call home. The tundra cats are mostly white or grey, aiding in natural camouflage against the snow, though in the mountains and forests of the north a few rare brown and black cats can be found. The ears of this cat are uniquely pointed. The breed is also known for their tail, having much strength there as well. They occasionally use their tail as a sort of rudder for getting around in the thick snow. As this cat is large, and has many features adding to their strength and agility, this cat has a long period of maturation. Taking approximately five years to reach their full adulthood.

Though the breed is clearly made to survive, this is not always the case. The Avlatan Tundra cat possesses a predicted life span of about ten to fifteen years. This is because of the conditions they live in and the creatures they may face. There are members of this breed known to expand this prediction in domesticated life.

Their fearless nature can also be a consideration into why their life span is on the shorter side. These cats can be head strong when it comes to facing a perceived danger, wishing to protect themselves and what they consider theirs. Once this cat has decided to enter a fight, it would be difficult to change their mind on it.


This breed is typically found north of the boundary mountains that divide the continent of Aversia. It is a common animal to be found within the habitat it resides. Taking up the name Avaltan Tundra Cat as they are often seen around Avaltan settlements. Though that is not to say they do not hang around Snow Elves either.


While these cats can be domesticated, they maintain a strong survival instinct, hence their intermittent spurts of activity followed by long rests. These cats are known recognize the presence of predators and even monsters that call the North home long before their human companions. This makes them useful to keep around northern settlements as to not be surprised by a starving beast.


These cats are known for their aloof attitude, due to their years of surviving on their own in the harsh northern climate. Despite this, they are still willing to live alongside people. While this cat can have a happy life indoors, they will need to have their energy worked out somehow if they do not have an outdoor life. Despite their independent attitude they are happy to play games with their owners during their active periods and are known to be friendly to children.

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