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Known colloquially as Aversia by its neighbors, the many continents and islands that fit between them all are diverse and fertile realms, spanning a range of climates. It covers, in fact, all of the varying climes of its neighbors--tropical, desert, tundra, and temperate. You might think that this would be a perfect place to start up a new civilization, and you'd be right. Many civilizations have sprouted and fallen on the three main continents, each with a unique culture of their own.

In the center of Aversia, surrounded by the various continents, There lies the great tree which is the beginning of all things; the Spirit Tree.

Regional Geography

With three continents with a few outlying islands, Aversia is fascinating in its geographical diversity.

Multiple cultures have arisen and continue to thrive on each continent.

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Adelona [Aah-deh-low-nah]

Adelona is home to many different environments the further you travel through it. The south houses a warm and humid jungle, the center contains a fertile plain and a Fungal biome surrounded by mountains, and the north houses a frozen arctic just like the continent of Ardemor. The massive mountains that dominate the northern range are known as the giant's highlands, held aloft by the tallest mountain in Aversia, the Sky's Peak.

Crystal lands known as the Lucient Forest inhabit a small portion of the area in the north-created and existing as a strange anomaly to organic life that it consumes and forms a symbiotic relationship with. Sarweald, a blooming river city that still remains here until this day is housed near its delta, prospering and providing trade goods to the fledgling villages surrounding it. The landmass is the largest out of the three known continents, and is the most diverse in it’s climates and environments.

Duken [Duke-en]

The largest island located right beneath the jungles of Adelona. It is believed that it at some point was part of the mighty continent, but the shifting of the earth itself, or even larger powers that could have been at play divided it from the landmass and caused it to become its own isle. It is a large rain forest area with a volcano in the center of its form, inactive but holding a large pool of magma that remains heated on its surface.

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Ardemor [Arr-deh-more]

The frozen north of the Aversian continents filled with large hills and a snow covered valley. Within the mountains rumor still echoes of the Angarvunde tribes that raid and attack the unsuspecting travelers that dare enter their unmarked territory.

Traveling further south into the continent, the mystery of the Fogwall that surrounds the island in the center of the Ardemor river personifies the strange nature of the continent. All those native to the land know to stay far away from it, as only one person has ever returned from the fog alive, only to warn others not to enter from the dangers within.

The remaining land and small isles scattered around the ocean shores are no man’s land, and are generally sparsely populated with both fauna and flora.

Berandi [bear-ran-dee]

The small freezing island is a deserted whale graveyard where over the years no one has settled. This is for the simple fact ships and even sea life can barely come near it without hitting one of the many sharp rocks coming out of the ocean floor. As such, it remains uninhabited to this day.

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Arkolos [Arrr-quo-loss]

The second largest continent houses the warmest environments known through the province. Within the south lies a large volcanic region known as the Nine Circles, and the Duvinian Desert further south. Within the desert, rumor of a Gem rests, an oasis of sorts for those lost and needing hope to survive. These are large parts of the continent, but it is more commonly known for its large outstretches of forests and rocky hills that spread all across the land.

One could easily settle in a valley near one of the many rivers, and the only real threat tends to be the rather ornery fauna that lives there. Within the center of the continent, a large molted mesa known as the cluster of needles rests, where a massive object or force seems to have wiped most of the original landmass.

Within the nine circles and their volcanic hostile terrain, a civilization rose and even prospered in ages long past known as Drakonspyre, where the tall marble buildings and opulent shrines denote a powerful-if not depleted society.

Cantreze [Kan-trez-eh]

The small mountainous isle is the smallest piece of land that one could call habitable of the entire known province. It houses a two lakes and can be walked across in less than three hours. Some hills sprout up, giving it the same terrain as Arkolos, but on a vastly smaller scale.

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