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This serpentine creature crackles with electricity, boasting six pairs of legs for a total of twelve all along its long slippery body. The Baonus boasts horns similar to a ram along its sharply adorned head, its snout long and mouth filled with sharp canine-like teeth. It’s tongue is made of pure electricity, as it often seems to spout lightning from its mouth. It’s a total of twenty meters long and each foot boasts three sharp talons that tend to pry along cavernous walls and dig through the ground. The Baonus is generally seen in colors that range from greys to browns to even different shades of blue and white. They tend to make loud thunderous cries from deep within their maws and almost mimic thunderstorms in this manner, as their body crackles with electricity with each rolling howl of thunder that comes from them.


The Baonus is rare and is exclusive to caves and the underground, most commonly found in the deep run.


The Deep Run.


Carnivorous, the Baonus eats exclusively other creatures inside of the deep run.


Hostile and territorial. The Baonus are generally seen alone, or with their children due to their aggressive nature.


  • Capable of sending lightning out of its mouth to strike targets and stun them. This lightning will hop from target to target if they’re in a large amount of metal.
  • Due to its flexible nature it’s capable of constricting around multiple targets at a time with its long body, as well as simply constricting around the terrain to serve as its advantage.
  • Its body is capable of creating electricity to either shock things touching it or making contact with it, or to turn into a pure mass of lightning and phase through living or nonliving material. It can only be phased as an electric being for a singular turn before it must take four turns to recharge this ability.
  • It’s tail is capable of shooting out lightning much like its mouth, serving as a sort of lightning rod as well as a stun for targets.

Material Properties

  • The ends of the Baonus’s tail can be cut off and serve to act as a lightning rod, drawing electricity to it. When held by another and drawing lightning to it, the person holding this tail end will not be shocked by the lightning as the tail absorbs it for three turns, capable of redirecting this lightning elsewhere within ten meters.

Alchemical Properties

  • The bone marrow of the Baonus can be used to create artificial lightning that needs to be enhanced or combined with other conductive materials in order to create lightning similar to its mouth attack.

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