Belinard Wild Cat

From Aethier

This is a domesticated cat bred to look like an exotic jungle cat, weighing up to 30 pounds. This breed has ‘wild looking’ markings such as large spots, rosettes, and stripes; their large eyes are usually green or blue in color. They come in a variety of colors from brown to silver, though the rarest coat is a lovely shade of marble.

They are usually known to be a short haired cat, this being a very easy coat to groom. At some point in time, an ambitious breeder introduced a long-haired line into the mix. It is not common to find a long-haired Belinard Wild Cat, and some may even say it takes away some of the breed’s distinction of wild patterning within its coat.

This cat is known to be a climber, they love to find the highest peak in the home to make their perch. Whether it be a staircase, high shelf, or top of a fireplace the wildcat will find a way up there. This love of climbing helps the cat to exert some of its high energy levels. Despite that, they still require more exercise than just climbing. Best sorted for a partial outdoor life.

Due to their natural habitat being an archipelago, these cats are no strangers to water. Most cats of this breed embrace being around water with some even enjoying long swims in lakes and rivers that they happen upon. This also adds to the cat's survival instincts in the wild, their love for water has made them keen fisher-cats, long claws assisting in snagging up fish out of the water. Best to keep an eye out if you own an aquarium and decide to add this cat to your home.

This 'wild' cat is highly valued for its rarity and appearance, allowing it to thrive in the region in which it lives. The benefit of the interesting wild-type patterns without the dangerous size and immense strength of a wildcat. Some more superstitious people may even say the breed should not be sold in port or other locations, rather left alone to live in the area.

The lifespan of this cat in the wild is relatively long, and that can be reflected into their domesticated lifespan, know to live about 15-20 years, this cat is a commitment but a friend for a long while.


They are commonly found in the archipelago of Belinard, where they thrive in the jungle climate. They are far less common in Aversia, where they can only be purchased in port cities for prices high enough to make even a noble squeamish.


These cats can be trained for use in hunting, though they are far more difficult to train than dogs. They are mostly used as a status symbol by rich merchants and travelers from Belinard.


This cat is highly active and intelligent, and often pose a challenge for their owners as they have a destructive nature when bored. Their high energy level does not make this the cat for everyone. This feline is playful, nimble, and is even fond of playing in water. They are easy to groom and are quite affectionate.

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