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One of the most sociable animals to survive within the ever-rolling tides, the Baharin are lovingly peaceful creatures, a fond sight for syrien and sailors alike. Sharing ancestry with whales, these creatures are smaller in nature to their distant kin, roughly 100 kg alongside reaching lengths of up to 2.2 metres.

They possess a beak-like snout, housing an amass of slightly sharpened teeth. Trailing further from their snout is a rather large pair of beady eyes, often entirely black. Upon their backs is a single fin, with a curved and trailing edge. Below, on either side of its body, are two flippers which it uses to steer though the water currents. Lastly, it possesses are rather long tail, accounting for roughly 2/5ths of the Biharin’s actual length. These tails uniquely shimmer in the water, the multiple different shades of teal sparkling a little due to their slightly reflective composition.

Noticeably, these cerulean creatures lack any gills upon their rich, smooth skin, instead having lungs. As such, above their eyes is a small blowhole, where the Biharin frequently surface above the water-level in order to blow out old air and breathe in fresh, new air.

Within their proximity, one may find themselves hearing a soothing melody, followed by several soft, clicking sounds. An intelligent animal, this is the primary method Biharin communicate, whistling and clicking. This form of echolocation allows them to relay information up to a range of several kilometers.


Biharin are tranquil marine animals, which roam their oceans in a calm, nomadic lifestyle. Forming pods, these family units instinctively take care of each other, raising their young together, protecting one another and finding food to care for such. Having a healthily long life, Biharin live for up to 30 years, where they find a mate during an annual mating season, before reproducing a baby every 2-3 years. As such, they are considered fairly common.


Due to a constant struggle to remain close to the surface, in order to respire, Biharin prefer to roam temperate and tropical waters worldwide. As such, they constantly swim by the water surface, navigating through the ocean expanse on an endless journey. Typically, some pods may linger in bays, lagoons and around islands during their newborn season, allowing young to reach the surface quickly within their first, vital minutes of life.


Hunting when it is a necessity, Biharin are carnivorous creatures which dwell upon smaller fishes and squids. They may also consume crustaceans, such as shrimps, alongside other bottom-dwelling invertebrates.


Highly sociable and intelligent creatures, they remain generally passive towards humans and sea-life alike, unless either provoked or otherwise in danger. It is difficult to upset these creature, unless one is deliberately looking to endanger their young.


  • Highly sociable and intelligent creatures.
  • Tails shimmer underwater when exposed to light.
  • Able to communicate over vast distances with the use of echolocation.
  • Excellent eye-sight within water.
  • Mostly passive towards neutral creatures.

Material Properties

  • Oddly, their flesh remains rather tasteless, despite carrying enough nutrients to provide otherwise. Although, many cultures, particular island-nations, consider it to bring bad fortune to slay such a creature for simple harvest.

Alchemical Properties

  • The reflective scales found on the tail, when crushed up and dried into a glimmering powder, may be inhaled or otherwise consumed- the effect temporarily bolstering one’s voice. Interestingly, when the dried tail substance is ingested by a syrien, it amplifies their vocal chords in a unique way. Subsequently, it allows the range of aquatic, when spoken underwater, to increase slightly, however other ingredients are needed to increase this effect.

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