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Related to the proud race of Orcs, the Bru'tag are a primal and widespread group of twisted beings. Their history is largely unknown, but a few words of truth have permeated through the sands of time.

A Bru'tag most often stands at approximately 3 to 4 meters tall, their features largely resembling that of an orc's. However, a few traits separate them from their kin. Two straight horns of pure white ivory protrude from their skull - jutting forth a single foot. Their tusks hold a similar color and size. One Bru'tag holds twice the strength of the average adult male orc. Their skin color greatly deviates from the normal dull green - often being found in a myriad of different dark reds or a flat onyx black. The color a Bru'tag adorns denotes the certain mannerisms it may display. While one of red skin may be slightly stronger than those of black skin, the onyx Bru'tag have the mental capacity of a somewhat dull human. These Bru'tag are most often the ones keeping the others out of bad situations.

In combat, they most often use brutish and unorganized tactics of cleaving and crushing their opponent beneath their size. Very rarely will a Bru'tag be found adorning armor or any form of protection besides for their inch-thick skin and various fabrics where needed.


The Bru'tag are derived from an ancient band of orcs. These orcs had their zealousness for power, control and wealth. The powers that be seemed to turn fate against them, as whether this was a curse from Sterk or a blessing from a malevolent being- the Bru'tag have lost any remaining sentience they once had and now wield the demonic features they now have. However, their lack of advanced thought does not denote them to the ways of savagery. Despite this, they are quite Rare.


These demonic beings can be found quite literally anywhere imaginable. Whether it be wandering through the whipping sands within the deserts, or in the freezing tundras of the north. They are vastly nomadic and hard to track, though will make their presence known to travelers encroaching on their claimed territory. The Bru'tag are most often seen in small bands of three to five, though full tribes of them are not unheard of.


Akin to orcs, the Bru'tag require an unholy amount of sustenance and water to maintain their composure and powerful demeanor. Their foods are most often unlucky beings wandering too far within their lands and pillaged grains. They carry on the natural distaste of vegetables that their brother-kin possess, and the flesh of sentient beings seem to be their favorite thing on the proverbial menu.


Mainly caring for themselves and their own machinations, the Bru'tag may sometimes befriend an outsider to small extents. However, befriended outsiders most often find their skull split in two if they step beyond their grayed boundaries. Small tokens and gifts, namely alcohol, increase a person's chances of befriending a Bru'tag. The usual behavior of these beings is ireful and power-seeking- a trait passed down from their ancestors and whatever malevolent being turned unto them this form. Their small societies are driven by who has the strongest swinging arm.


  • Twice the strength of the average male adult orc.
  • Incapable of advanced thought and social invention.
  • Almost entirely immune to blunt damage.
  • A Bru'tag will accept any challenges to power or title.
  • Do not inherently take martial action against outsiders unless hungry or are trespassing.
  • Often wield the weapons of fallen men and women, or makeshift massive blunt weaponry.

Material Properties

  • The tough, leathery skin of a Bru'tag is a great material for armor, as it has the capability of chainmail, with the weight of leather and reduces blunt impact damage by 1 strength tier.

Alchemical Properties

  • The tusks of a Bru'tag can be used, to heal or regrow bone tissue if its been shattered or heavily damaged. This does not allow the growth of extremities, but can heal them much from the bodies memory.

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