Carnivorous Rabbit

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Soft, fluffy and adorable, these rabbits are known across the land as simple legends. Boasting red eyes with white fur, or golden eyes with any other normal color variation. They’re fifteen inches in length with large feet and cute little cotton tails. Upon first glance most would believe the beast to be an ordinary house pet, however they would quickly be proven otherwise. The main distinction of them from ordinary rabbits would be the coloration of their eyes, though sometimes this goes overlooked due to their sheer non-intimidating appearance. Bearing sharp pointed teeth and claws, these rabbits can pull the flesh off of living beings with them, their paws and jaws being rather strong for their size. Known to be highly territorial, aggressive and clever, these rabbits rarely leave their prey behind without having their flesh cleaned to the bone.


Rare. Hardly ever seen, these rabbits are nearly identical to their normal, mundane counterparts. Yet they will almost never be seen without at least two other rabbits of their kind nearby.


These rabbits tend to like it in the open plains, or in forests of any kind. They can live anywhere without extreme temperatures cold or hot.


Carnivorous, they eat only meat which usually ends up being human flesh.


Highly aggressive and territorial pack animals.


  • Highly Aggressive.
  • Able to jump up to four feet off of the ground.
  • Capable of ripping out flesh with their mouths or claws painfully quick in order to eat animals alive.
  • Never forget a face, fairly intelligent but not sentient.

Alchemical Properties

  • The feet of the rabbit can be extracted for use in an alchemical that increases jump heights.

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