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Cousins to the spriggan and leshen, centaurs were formed to act as guardians to the historical clash between the two. As the Leshen relentlessly pursued the spriggan territory and claimed further territory, Aisha saw fit to create a defending force to halt the near-unstoppable horde that were the leshen marauders. Although the spriggan were reluctant to accept, the newfound centaur leader, Theodos, convinced the weakened defenders to reclaim their territory with the support of the hundred, or perhaps thousands—of centaurs.

Armed for battle, the centaurs used their powerful hooves, forest-created weaponry, and shamanistic powers to push into the haunted lands of the leshen. Unprepared for the bold movement of centaur strength, the leshen quickly fell by the hooves of beasts and the bows of nature; however, the head of the leshen invasion, Aetafinna, was prepared for counterattacks. He unleashed the power of his Flame, allowing his warriors to rise again for the grand hunt.

A duel between Theodos and Aetafinna finally settled the months of dead-end clashing; both forces lost hundreds to gain only virtually inches of land in such a vast forest. The duel resulted in victory for Theodos, however through the trickery of Aetafinna's hand in death, Arvora's creations were turned; instead of a noble and knight-like demeanor, centaurs became independent from the mindset of protectors, no longer able to fight for the spriggan of the forest with the same determination. Since then, both children of nature have retreated to their sects of forest, unable to wield the manpower or fanatical ability they once did. Theodos, a child of Arvora himself, was unaffected; some say he wanders forests and jungles in search of purpose without his brethren.

Centaurs, through years of evolution, have the lower half of a horse and a humanoid upper body. The strength of their hooves match that of Aversia's strongest racehorses; they possess upper strength akin to a human. Their immense height of near-eight feet makes centaurs power cavalry; their history as warriors is a surefire bonus to any general or tribal leader’s army.

Physical Description

Centaurs are given strong lower halves with all abilities of a horse; they can rear upwards and utilize their hooves in combat and for travel. However, it also means that constant travel is needed, else their hooves will crack and weather with infection and debris. The fur of the horse’s half is delicate; their bones are strong, resistant to blunt damage and time-based weathering. There is little difference between males and females.

Male centaurs, however, possess lean humanoid halves; although not necessarily muscular, the male centaur has far more strength than their female counterparts. Males have strength akin to orcs, while females akin to humans. Their upper halves represent the full human spectrum and are capable of deformities, major or minor.

Common Height: Male: 7’2”-10’7” Female: 6’5”-9’3”

  • Common Build: Mesomorph, Ectomorph
  • Common Eyes: Blue, Green, Black
  • Common Hair: Black, Brown
  • Common Skin Tone: Full Human Spectrum
  • Common Furs: Chestnut, Buckskin, Black, Grey


Centaurs form bands of their own kind and can reluctantly support other races. If any government is present, it will surely be tribal; lands owned by the beastmen will be protected and offered nurturing through a shamanistic society. Centaurs do not particularly praise any one religion or god; in fact, they almost denounce any worship of a higher entity, instead relying on themselves and nature to bring a tribal sense of order. However, order is subjective from each tribe, and attunement to the Vaya can differ wildly with each culture.

Centaurs attuned with Aisha’s element find peace in the forest and plains; in cohesion with their history as warriors, these centaurs will ensure defense of the forest’s inhabitants, creating weapons of wood and string; shamans are present as well, using the energy of the earth to combat their foes. Rarely will Aisha’s centaurs be the aggressor.

Orono also tries his hand over Aisha’s creatures. Culturally the opposite of the former, Ornoian centaurs will attempt to stretch their influence over vast portions of land, even if it means few to fend against potential threats; as a result, gauging the numbers of the Ornoian population may be difficult, much less the land they think to control. However, in both tribes, Magu takes a keen eye to the centaurs as well; their history of warriors is inviting. He minorly influences the beasts, allowing for small bands to thrive under the guise of balance and power.


  • Lifespan: 70-90 years on average.
  • Centaurs may use their lower half to rear and almost bludgeon their opponents with powerful hooves.
  • Male centaurs possess the strength of orcs; females, on the other hand, of humans.
  • Centaurs prefer homes in nature, including forests and plains. They have no preference for location.
  • Their fur is rough and bones are strong; centaurs take less blunt damage than normal.
  • Through history, centaurs are especially driven towards shamanism and may find it easier to attune to the elements.
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