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The Centipreedle in its most basic terms, is a large mutation of a centipede, it length varies from age, but the maximum length it reaches is 23 feet (7 blocks in game) from its head to the end of its legs. It stands at about four feet tall from its legs to the top of its head. The front is made up of a large frontal head with a pair of forcipules containing venom glands, a pair of highly sensitive antennae, and compound eyes with 150 optical units within. The body is made up of 23 segments, with a grand total of 46 legs. The body segments is protected on its back by a chitin plate capable of stopping arrows and slashes, yet is weak to blunt force which results in cracking. Along the the sides, just below the plating is a series of spiracles along each segment of the body that allow it to breath.


Due to the location and habitat of the Centipreedle, they are often seen few and far between in encounters and are considered rare. The dense jungles make it difficult for packs to form, leaving them to never be seen in groups, with even two together being uncommon. They are only found inside the densest parts of the jungle, requiring trekking deep into their domain in order to find trace of them. Because of this, they are considered Rare.


Jungles are the home of the Centipreedle. Enjoying to form nests inside heavily damp soil and holes, to which they will lay eggs. They maneuver through the dense underbrush by climbing along the vegetation and trees with ease until they find a proper place to settle. They are commonly keep outside of sunlight and come out at night to search for food.


Due to the newly formed growth in sides, the Centipreedle feed upon small mammals and birds that populate the jungle, becoming devout carnivores. Rushing towards targets and employing venom in order to immobilize by the fangs along the forcipules and held in place by maxillipeds. Due to being naturally nocturnal they will go out to prey upon animals in their sleep. The eyesight of the carnivores invertebrate is quite poor, and relies more on smell and touch. This is done by the extension of their antennas to feel the area and air around them.


Having had a long period of isolation to rise up in the food chain, they are defensive of outside predators that threaten their territory. Using versatility to their advantage, they will travel rapidly around their target to strike them from behind or at their weakest. However it does not consume most Aversians who are clad in armor as they cannot digest and pass the metals. Sinnehliv are less likely to be targeted due to their vegetative being not appealing.


  • Able to quickly move about through dense vegetation by traveling through the underbrush or by climbing across the trunks of trees.
  • The Mandibles of the Centipreedle are strong enough for bites that, while not harmful, prove difficult to escape from.
  • Its plating protects it from slashes and cut, but is capable of breaking through blunt force.
  • It has poor vision, and relies on its antennas to feel and smell it way around.
  • Its underbelly is easily squishy and susceptible to cuts and slices.

Material Properties

  • A small sac within the Centipreedle is hidden away within it's abdomen, and seems to be entirely vestigial, indicating some remnant of evolution. An acid rests within it that is capable of melting through all metallic and stone-like material within 4-5 emotes if fully concentrated.
    • This acid cannot eat through organic materials.

Alchemical Properties

  • The legs of the Centipreedle can be grind to dust and created with a solution with act as a temporary minor transformative, that give small grips on both people's hands and feet and other ligaments which allow them to adhere to other surfaces.

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