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Often brittle and easily breakable. If chitin cracks, the effects of its armor is entirely negated and needs to be replaced entirely.
Name Rarity
Auroch Chitin Common
Reaver Chitin Rare
Sun Scorpion Chitin Rare
Plant based clothing's, these materials retain their effects for the most part even when broken, as long as it is touching the skin.
Name Rarity
Leafthin Common
Moondrop Common
Cladiel Rare
Seakiss Rare
Sunbreath Rare
The sort of materials you would expect to exist during the medieval era.
Name Rarity
Burlap Common
Linen Common
Silk Common
Wool Common
Forms of clothing not made with any or all of the above materials, they tend to have more odd uses and effects, ranging from exotic to extremely useful.
Name Rarity
Filthwisp Common
Auraweave Rare
Coral Cervus Coral Rare
Stoneweave Rare
Cloudcloth Legendary
Sagesilk Legendary
Durable, tough, yet often susceptible to slashes, hide takes on a variety of roles and can be sewed and repaired if a little more then 3/4 of the material remains to keep its effects. it can also be patched up with pieces of the same material.
Name Rarity
Aoressan Camel Hide Common
Crithta Fox Pelt Common
Infernos Custos Wool Common
Kal'gra Crocodile Hide Common
Striped Antelope Hide Common
Anion Mammoth Pelt Rare
Bru'Tag Skin Rare
Hydra Hide Rare
Kravera Hellhound Skin Rare
Maned Wild Cat Fur Rare
Manticore Hide Rare
Minotaur Fur Rare
Sabre-Tooth Bear Pelt Rare
Samburru Howler Scales Rare
Sand Wyrm Skin Rare
Snosabel Tiger Pelt Rare
Swamp Cyclops Skin Rare
White Stag Hide Rare
Ya'kaldrum Pelt Rare
Dragon Scales Legendary
Jungle Tyrannosaurus Scales Legendary
Tractatori Skin Legendary

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