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Camouflage is a significant survival trait that can be the difference between life and death for certain animals. For others, camouflage provides a means through which predators can effectively stalk and entrap their prey. Coral Cervus', being a fairly versatile species personality wise, can fall under either of these categories with their skilled underwater camouflage abilities.

Coral Cervus' vary greatly in color, from dull browns and grays in darker areas of the ocean to bright neon colors in the more lively portions of the sea. Their bodies can have upwards of ten different colors and shades as well, typically matching colors similar to coral reefs around them. These creatures tend to stay near coral reefs when possible, but are large enough to be mistaken for a small coral patch on their own. The body of a Coral Cervus is entirely encased in a rough coral-like substance with a pattern-less bumpy exterior. They possess four long legs and two elaborate antlers atop their heads.

The outer coral-like armor of a Coral Cervus is capable of growing and retracting underwater based on the surroundings of the creature. This ability allows Coral Cervus' to easily attach with various portions of coral reefs. Once attached to a reef, the body of a Coral Cervus will typically begin to shift slightly in shape, size, and color to better match their surroundings over time. While attached to coral reefs, Coral Cervus' typically reduce their size in order to blend with their surroundings better. They can become as small as 1 meter tall and 2 meters long. When unattached to coral reefs and roaming freely about the ocean, coral cervus are typically around 3 meters in height and 4 meters long.

Coral Cervus' do not have tails for swimming, and as a result they typically move fairly slowly throughout the water. Many Coral Cervus' walk along coral reefs or the sand at the bottom of the ocean, but there are also some that will drift through the waters occasionally prancing their feet in a circular motion to propel forwards.


Coral Cervus are oceanic creatures that are typically found in salt water, but can also rarely be found in large bodies of fresh water provided coral reefs are located there. They require water to survive and will dry out, crumble, and die if kept on land for more than 1 sept [1 OOC day]. They are considered rare because they can be difficult to find as a result of their highly effective camouflage abilities.


Coral Cervus will either roam the ocean, root themselves to a “home” by connecting to a coral reef, or root themselves in the sand to act as a coral reef of their own.


As a result of their slow movement speed, many Coral Cervus find it easier to feed on coral and act as herbivores, however there are still a few who take after the diet of an omnivore. These Coral Cervus are the ones who will create traps for fish to feed on.


Coral Cervus' are considered to be fairly neutral creatures and do not mind residing among others of their kind and even completely different species as well. They reproduce similarly to mammals but their babies will grow on and attached to the outside of the mother’s body until they are big enough to maneuver about on their own.


  • Can change minor amounts in shape, size, and color.
  • Have a rough coral-like armor coating their bodies.
  • Can be tamed.

Material Properties

  • The skin and antlers of a Coral Cervus are capable of being crafted into weightless underwater armor. This armor can be chiseled into shape and multiple pieces of the Coral Cervus' skin will attach if kept touching for 1 sept [1 OOC day].
    • While underwater, this armor provides equivalent protection to that of steel armor on land.

Alchemical Properties

  • When a part of a Coral Cervus is ground up and made into a salve, it will possess alchemical properties associated with the camouflage ability of the animal.
    • A salve created in this manner will cause anything it is spread on to camouflage with its surroundings. If left unmoved, this effect can last up to 1 ooc month. If spread on a living thing that moves such as a person, the effect will only last for up to 10 emotes.

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