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Being a hulking 9 feet tall, these creatures are a testament to natural resilience and constitution. They are made entirely out of crystals. With a mundane crystalline skeleton system, it is covered by another Crystalline exoskeleton that looks as if it holds a stream of liquid mana in its veins. They’re limbs all collapse and connect to each other like a puzzle and they’re able to completely blend into their environment's flora and terrain. The Crylem’s limbs also come in a variety of forms being from large spikes as arms to a large wrecking ball like hand. Their lower extremities may be sharp much alike a large peg leg to solid flat and round feet similar to an elephant’s feet. Their torso is generally the thickest part of their crystalline body. Within their thick and well protected torso is a small crystallized heart that’s extremely fragile and easy to shatter.

On their face is a single eye behind a layer of refracted crystal that makes their eyesight very poor as they see 10-20 of the same image. However to make up for their lack of eyesight and smell, having no nostrils, is a hypersensitivity to tectonics and sound. Able to feel people moving on the ground around him, only the lightest of feet are capable of truly sneaking up on this creature. Crylems mouth is toothless but their flat mouths are bone crushing strong and even able to hold on to any prey that attempts to flee after already grasped.

The only way to truly kill one of these beasts is by causing their heart to shatter, which it will do upon being struck by the lightest of a foreign source (touch, magic, water, oxygen,etc.). Unfortunately for any who is able to triumph a crylem will find that within mere seconds it explodes in a violent outburst, sending out shrapnel which which shatters into nothingness seconds later.


Requiring little nutrients to sustain crylem tend to bunch together in small groups of 6-12. They use each other to act as a micro ecosystem within an environment to camouflage and blend. They will then all simultaneously reveal themselves and dispatch of the prey, injecting a small needle like spike from their throat to harvest the mana and nutrients within the being. However due to their low activity and method of reproduction they are considered rare. Crylems reproduce by injecting their feeding needle into a large Crystal, thus giving their nutrients and mana to create a heart, this can be dangerous for the creature and is generally only done by well fed crylems.


Crylems require a very specific environment. Dwelling in caves near crystal formations and above ground crystal biome.


Using their needle like tongue to sap the life force and mana from their prey they feed on any living being. They do not require large amounts to sustain however the more mana and nutrients they feed the larger they can grow and more they can create more Crylems in their small ecosystem.


Incapable of friendships and relationships these beings will attempt to feed on any living creature that comes across them. However they do not recognize each other as prey needing each other to mimic an environment. They are completely untamable and unable to pacify, only seeking further survival.


  • 2 layers of crystal skin. One being a skeleton and atop of it an exoskeleton housing flowing liquid mana.
  • Needle like tongue used to sap nutrients and mana.
  • The crystal exoskeleton is immune to magic.
  • Small protected Crystalized heart that's hypersensitive and causes self destructing death when shattered.
  • Very well versed in blending into environment

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