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The Dagon is an incorporeal, shadowy and humanoid figure that roams the world, whisping around in scenes of high stress or battle. They are hard to pinpoint down in direct detail, their figures are wavy, often seen in the shadow of the people they infest, or by the walls of the event where their host's traumatic event took place. It has no form of real liquid venom, though if someone is struck by them, they will be subject to a brain deteriorating affliction that tears at the sanity of the struck individual. They stand upwards at several feet tall, usually towering above most humans and elves. Their figure is broad, narrow, and genderless.


The Dagon lurks in dark environments or areas where hosts are common. The slums of a city, the aftermath of a battle. They have heightened senses, if an individual in particular has gone through serious trauma, they are likely to have a Dagon nearby that will find them. Otherwise, they are found all over the world, even managing the bright, desert sands. Overall, these creatures are only rare.


While they do not 'live' anywhere truly, they will find habitation in the mind of their host, draining away at their mental fortitude and sanity. They will hear whatever voice they need most talking to them, yet encouraging them to offer up sacrifices or demanding things from them, taking them down more, and more.


The Dagon feeds off of guilt and remorse of their host. The more they can get that from their host, the stronger their voice and desires will become. This will last until the host dies, or the creature is driven away, or killed.


Dagon's do not feel malice or hatred towards any sentient creature, but as well, they do not feel any positive relations towards anything. They are entirely neutral, their only desire to feed, survive, and move on.


  • Incorporeal in nature, effected by anti-incorporeal.
  • Spends most of their time invisible, only seen in the shadow of their host, or around the site where their host guilts over most.
  • An insidious, mind-eating venom that is not able to be harvested, tearing down the sanity of the one struck over the course of a few days, before wearing off.
  • Able to be fought only if outside of their host, either by the host dying, or the Dagon being tricked out of the host. Then, the room must be lit up in every direction, forcing the shadow to be in one spot.
  • Will eventually drive the host to suicide over the course of, at most, 1 OOC month, at which point they'll do anything to rid themselves of their presence on the world.

Alchemical Properties

  • Upon death, the Dagon's essence falls to the floor like a light snowfall. These dark, shadowy particles are used to render one's self incorporeal by alchemical means.

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