Deep-Sea Akrell

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Within the very depths of the ocean floor, where no sunlight can reach, exists a creature of staggering length and slow nature, but one of terrifying capability. Stretching out at over 10 feet long, these snake fish like monstrosities have a mouthful of massive fangs which extend pas their jaw lines, overlapping one another to make a gruesome sight to any who stumble upon it. Due to the trenches of the ocean floor not containing any natural light these animals have adapted by losing their sense of sight and instead have gained a powerful sense of smell and echolocation. The sound these beings make is heard to be almost otherworldly, said to mimic the sound a Banshee would make. Along their bodies exists bulbs of flesh which contain cells that produce a bio luminescence like byproduct which produces light to help attract prey.


Living in literal bottomless chasms found far below, these creatures rarely ever encounter another being. Yet, they somehow continue to thrive within almost unlivable conditions. Many believe they do not even require a mate, able to reproduce entirely by themselves, although this is simply a theory lacking any sufficient evidence. As such, these creatures are considered legendary.


These fish exist within the deepest parts of the sea floor, where the pressure and cold is almost unbearable for any form of life, thus their movements are slow and very limited, allowing their naturally made light from their bodies attract most of their sources of food, and permitting the heavy currents on the ocean floor to help pull their long bodies along for the majority of their travel. They are also known to eat upon Whale or other large creature carcasses that have fallen to the ocean floor to decompose.


These animals will devour almost anything, weather it be living or dead. They are known to help in the process of decomposition on the sea floor, along with any of the other creatures which exist in the depths. Due to the nature of the slow metabolism, they can digest almost any form of flesh be it sickly, dead, or otherwise.


Due to the nature and environment of which they live, these beings are entirely passive to most things they do not consider prey, however given they are hungry enough one should be careful wandering into the area of their senses. These animals are incapable of being tamed.


  • Organs upon their bodies in the form of small bulbs produce a byproduct that gives off bio luminescent light to help attract prey.
  • Razor-like teeth capable of shredding flesh with ease.
  • Able to withstand highly pressurized environments.
  • Does not require sustenance for long periods of time.

Material Properties

  • The slime of this massive being carries a hidden property when not within water. While on land and not soaked in water, the slime of the Deep-Sea Akrell is an extremely corrosive substance to metal, and is capable of melting even some of the strongest corrosive-resistant alloys on the planet if exposed to it. A single drop of this substance is enough to melt half the blade of a regular steel sword.
  • The raw bulb of the Deep-Sea Akrell when not opened is that of an extremely potent lure, allowing the user to catch many types of rare fish with absolute ease.

Alchemical Properties

  • If properly collected, the bulbs on the massive fish when opened up have a strange, powder like substance within it. When soaked with water, the powder makes countless bubbles that form a large cluster, and have the property of temporary levitation, but not flight-when mixed with an alchemical substance.

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