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Intelligent Dissonance

Brand: Rests upon the branded’s scalp. A dull, dim gray, it’s very difficult to find. Though it always appears to those who know how to find it. This particular brand, however, may be moved to any portion of the head or neck, and such is controlled by the branded themselves.
Motto: "Knowledge is power. Let nothing, not even your conscience, halt your learning."
Color: Dull Gray
Common Worshipers: Politicians, Spymasters, Scholars, Intelligencers, Madmen
Domains: Manipulation, Forbidden Knowledge, Ambition, Obsession
Sub-Domains: Omniscience, Ice
Favored Objects: Scrolls, Forgotten Ruins, Memory Vials

Elbreita is a very odd and strange being to behold, for no one has ever been able to see her in her entirety. She’s described often as an eldritch being that portrays cold volatile whispers much like a madman attempting to tempt others into falling into the same endless pursuit as she is. Elbrieta is probably the most twisted appearing out of all of the Greater Demons, often appearing to those she seeks to discern as a mass of cold icy eyes that when looked into make the one looking at them become mad with the possibilities that are suddenly tempted into their mind. Others have claimed to see everything they have ever seen before when looking at her, or even sometimes absolutely nothing but frigid cold. She is often known to drive her lesser demons mad over time due to the large quantity of knowledge that she tempts them into divulging in.


  • Your knowledge is your own; use all of it to your advantage.
  • Never leave a question unanswered, even if it means tearing away the veil.
  • There is not a single price that may be put on knowledge; put it above all.

Layer of Farcanith

Amidst a cold, dull tundra lays bounds of scrolls and frozen sculptures of what could be knowledge though none is present. The Asylum of the Occult is filled with scrolls, books and other ways of keeping knowledge scattered around everywhere. Most of them are opened with notes scribbled on each and every available spot. The further that one goes into this asylum the more mad they become. It’s rumored that within the center are things so perturbed that some think even the Greater Demon herself becomes obsessed with it to the point of complete insanity when she enters.


Those branded of Elbrieta are able to roll a DC 11 against any form of mind manipulation on top of any pre-existing roll induced by the ability/spell itself, and if they pass they will not be affected. If they fail their passive roll then they must roll the save on the ability if applicable. Any who will try such against the branded will feel their skin begin to become frostbitten to the second degree on the limb they used to cast the ability/spell. Each additional attempt of mind manipulation will further the degree by one. Mind manipulation/altering such as anger alchemicals, truth serums, etc. will also trigger this DC roll to resist.


Elbrieta is cold and passive towards the other Greater Demons. She believes Ukoru and Konius to be nothing more than beasts, though respects Astaroth’s and Madame Amona’s self-worth and yearning for more.

Myths and Speculations

Elbreita has been known to appear to people she’s shown interest in for their feats of knowledge and has unfortunately driven them mad, causing unexplained and unsolved cases of famous scholars disappearing as they had been driven to the point of insanity and removed from their position.

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