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[Requires DM to Encounter]

The Fim Shark is a large and ancient animal, which some say is a creation of Vuona's wrath. Appearing on very rare occasions it is known to swallow ships and men whole to slowly digest them within its stomach passages. These creatures are over a hundred feet in length, and have a mouth with the average diameter of 40 feet, having an incredibly large mouth even when in comparison to the rest of their body. Their eyes are beady and large, and are referred to as even having a 'soulless' quality to them.

Should the Fim Shark wish to have its presence known, it is able to incite large waves to occur as it swims to disorient and try to drown prey. Yet the most chilling advantage the shark has, is that it is also able to lurk relatively silently in comparison, most often noted by the sudden darkening of an area beneath the water. Its hide, thick and strong on top is a darker blue color, while its underbelly remains a dull grey color. Its snout is long, as are its fins which are said to rival small sailing boats in size. The Fim Shark has almost nonexistent teeth. However, their jaw strength is greatly effective in crushing just about anything.

Tall tales from sailors whisk throughout Aversia about this monstrous fish. For once, the exaggeration that a ship had been swallowed whole turns into reality. Enormously widening it's mouth to the point where it over powers the roundness of its actual body. Filtering water throughout this other worldly cavity the Fim shark creates, it is able to create alarmingly powerful whirlpools which can drive ships, swimmers, or unfortunate birds who happen to be atop the ocean's surface towards its mouth. Escaping such a trap can prove to be extraordinarily difficult unless a boat is under a skilled sailor. Anything else that happens to not be upon a vessel will very likely succumb to such a wrath the Fim Shark is able to conceive.


Fim Sharks are Legendary. These gargantuan creatures are few in number and even more rarer are they seen. Because of their almost unbelievable sheer size and ability, some believe they are merely a myth unless they have been first handedly interacted with.


Fim Sharks are a predatory creature which roam near all waters, though they are Ultra-Rare, they are able to inhabit every sort of saltwater area. Mainly remaining closer to the surface, the majority of their food being unlucky sailors and birds. During moments when they happen to not be hunting, they dive into some of the deepest parts of the ocean, as if becoming dormant for that expanse of time.


Fim Sharks are considered to be the waste bin of the ocean by some. They have very large stomachs and are able to almost able to digest anything. Their digestive tract is incredibly slow with its acids however, meaning they eat less often than normal. However, once Fim Sharks begin to feel the onset of hunger, the direct consequence is destruction and devastation towards boats or any other animal which is swimming within the open ocean and range of this shark.


Fim Sharks are absolutely aggressive to anything and everything. While they are not constantly hungry their, when they happen to be their appetite is immense. They refrain from using their teeth, being quite small and useless, so their threatening whirlpool and large maw is what allows them to eat so.


  • When opening its mouth and nearing this surface, this large shark is able to cause a whirlpool due to the sheer shape and size of the creature. It can nearly swallow ships whole, its jaws able to slowly crush their wooden boards.
  • The Fim Shark creates absolutely no noise when swimming within the water, its presence only indicated through shadows below the ocean's surface.
  • Fim Sharks relatively have no teeth, instead using the sheer strength of their jaws to crush anything it can capture.

Material Properties

  • The skin of this shark is extremely tough and water resilient, though it is not very flexible and requires a skilled craftsman to be able to properly wield.

Alchemical Properties

  • Unknown.

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