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The flightless raptor is a strange, bird-like creature that roams throughout hotter climates. They are generally around 180 cm (70 in, 5.9 ft) tall at their hip, and they can grow up to 7 m (23 ft) long, from nose to tail. They weigh in at around 498 kg (1,100 lbs) on average. They live to be around 25-30 years in the wild, and up to 45 years if kept in captivity.

Flightless raptors appear to be some sort of arcane-mutated bird species, though it is unknown just what bird they developed from. They are giant, unable to fly, and they are predatory. They have long claws on their hands and feet, and their arms are long enough to grasp at prey while they kick out with their back legs.

Despite their almost lizard-like appearance, they are still covered in feathers. Their snouts, hands, flares, and feet are the only parts of them not covered in feathers. The feathers are generally a pale, tawny color, or pale grey-green, depending on where the animal is found; those found in the desert are generally a lighter color to help blend in with the sand, while those found further south are a more green color so that they are harder to see in the trees or grasslands. Many of them also have rosette-like spots across their bodies to help break up their form, even when they are on the move.

One of their unique features are the flares on either side of their head. They look like large ears, and while they do help with hearing and are set right behind where their ears sit, their primary function is not to facilitate hearing; they are for displays. When relaxed, the flares rest back against their necks, making them less visible. When standing up, they can grow to twice their size from when relaxed, making the raptor appear larger. When blood rushes through them, they will also become brighter in color. The raptors use them in threat displays, courtship rituals, and--in places where is gets hot--too cool themselves down.

The flightless raptor is able to use magic along with several other existing animals, though their specific spell is a very simple one. They can cast and hold Arcane Eye for a few minutes at a time, which allows them to detect active magic. This helps them when hunting so that they know if prey is using their defensive magic to protect themselves, or to avoid other predatory animals that might be able to use dangerous spells. They don't require a casting instrument, as Arcane Eye is a core spell, though they are able to channel their magic through the one long claw they have on each foot.

Flightless raptors are generally found in groups of around five to ten animals, as they use coordinated attacks as well as speed to bring down prey. Their top speed it around 72 km/h (45 m/h), which they can stay at for several minutes at a time before resting.


Flightless Raptors can be found in grasslands or forests where their camouflage can take place, but can also be seen in the desert. Though their numbers are much smaller there due to the amount of prey that can be found in the scorching, sandy landscape. They are considered to be rare.


Flightless Raptors make their nests in hotter areas, generally around the edges of volcanic ranges to incubate their eggs. When they aren't nesting, packs will generally sleep under the same tree, usually during the day, and then head out at night to hunt.


They are carnivores, and survive on meat from other animals. They will bring down just about any animal they can, even going as far as to target other predators if they think they can manage it. However, their main diet is sustained on the herbivorous animals around the area.


Despite their predatory nature, they are social animals, and also highly curious. People generally smell like predators to them, so they are not likely to attack on sight. They are wary of strange creatures, but they will also venture in close to get a better look at something that's new, and doesn't look outright dangerous. They are similar to wolves in that aspect, and, as a result, it is possible to habituate them to people and tame them, though it takes a lot of work, and a lot of patience. Because of their size and sturdiness, they can be ridden, though it takes a lot of work and a lot of training to get them to accept a rider on their back. When being ridden, they are usually kept in muzzles to prevent them from biting, and similarly, their long claws are clipped down to make them less dangerous.


  • Able to cast Arcane Eye.
  • Highly intelligent.
  • Very fast.
  • Able to be tamed and ridden.

Material Properties

  • The eyes of the flightless raptor are imbued with a slight amount of magic. With both eyes in their hands regardless of the state as long as they are not rotten, the caster is capable of using them to cast the spell Arcane Eye, for a duration of 3 emotes. The eyes lose their power after this and become worthless.

Alchemical Properties

  • Unknown

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