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An important note on real-life flora.

Any flora that exists in real life is considered a Common material and can be used in roleplay without the use of a Custom Item, or as an ingredient for an item.
Terrestrial Plants
Flora Rarity
Aurora Bells Common
Avaltan's Footsteps Common
Bungmoss Common
Callinian Fern Common
Dreaming Lily Common
Flick's Whiskers Common
Flint Moss Common
Jade Moss Common
Lovepetal Common
Mouthwater Common
Ombra's Teacup Common
Wolfsbane Common
Writher Common
Cenogary Ascetum Rare
Choke Mold Rare
Glammori Rare
Glowhisper Rare
Lullaby Lillies Rare
Mechanized Flytrap Rare
Morto's Hand Rare
Petrified Rosebundle Rare
Riverside Wildfire Rare
Sugarcoated Shrooms Rare
Ilwenal Legendary
Kalapis Legendary
Flora Rarity
Flesh Oaks Common
Leafthin Common
Onyxwood Common
Whistle Pine Common
Blackthorn Rare
Braincap Rare
Crystal Bonsai Rare
Iron-Soul Mandragora Rare
Sunbreath Rare
Grandfather Ash Legendary
Hero's Ebony Legendary
Mana Willow Legendary
Thistle of the Undying Legendary
Aquatic Plants
Flora Rarity
Crustcenna Common
Forest Kelp Common
Manateen Grass Common
Vocatus Seaweed Common
Callaglobe Rare
Ocean's Breath Rare
Viscous Vibrunum Rare

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