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Upon first looking at this creature one would assume it is simply a dolphin yet it’s tail is anything but. A long shimmering thin tail that sways back and forth with every move it makes entrances most who view it. Their color is a faded pink/purple that is slowly becoming grey as scales from their tail are also covering patches of their body. Their bodies are slick and move through the water at a medium speed not unlike most fish like salmon or koi. Their beauty is meant to hide the fact that they are tricksters of the ocean, only ever doing anything if it furthers their own amusements.

Over the years humans and especially sailors have come into contact with these creatures and thought that they were the Syrien of legend helping them after they fell overboard. Their tails did look a lot like the fabled creatures, and being able to breathe under water felt like something only they could accomplish. But over the years as more and more became known, others came to the conclusion it was instead the "Foamtails" that were behind such a miracle, if only because they got fed afterwards.


Deep oceans and along beaches, They are considered rare.


These creatures live in small groups of other Foamtails who treat each other like family. They swim around deep oceans, not being very scared of other predators because of their oxygen depriving abilities causing other sea life to drown. They are known to roam around inhabited docks and deep underwater, anywhere they can get to commit to their playful acts.


Oceans Sea life, Mostly small fish they drown using their abilities. They are omnivores, meaning they are open to eating underwater plants, but they prefer to hunt their prey down as it fills up most of their days with enjoyment.


Friendly towards humans yet mischievous and playful too. Doesn’t listen very well even when tamed, as they will always keep their self-centered nature about them. They go through life carefree, not using their abilities on other Foamtails because of the strong bond they have with one another.


  • When near a Foamtail they will blow bubbles towards people, causing oxygen to fill their lungs for (1 OOC Hour). They themselves use this to kill small prey like fish but attempt to use it on living creatures because of their playful nature.
  • Can be tamed, however the Foamtail isn't a loyal creature.

Material Properties

  • N/A

Alchemical Properties

  • The air gland of a foamtail is capable of creating a temporary massive thin bubble of self-replenishing air, and can be hardened with the right alchemicals to form an air bubble capable of walking into the deepest reaches of the ocean with a group of people inside it.

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