Forsworn Treant

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[Sightings of or interaction with this creature are prohibited outside of EXPLICIT lore approved events.]

Towering between 4 to 6 meters in height, these beings appear humanoid but lack any semblance of intelligence. As though raised up the from the undergrowth of the forest itself, the flesh of a forsworn is composed of mud, peat, and moss, with roots and bark making up its skeleton. Mixed into the mess of green and brown that makes up this abomination are the bones of its foes, with cadavers and skeletal features commonly hanging from its chest or shoulders. At the ends of its long earthy arms are claws fashioned from branches, curled or snapped to create jagged edges for grabbing and maiming.


The forsworn, once the divine protectors of Arvora's forests, are the product of some unknown taint or evil that crossed the land long ago; these creatures are no longer born or created and the last surviving members are, luckily, an exceedingly rare find, some would say legendary. Still harboring some protective instinct, they typically wander the darkest corners of the woods. There have been no records of a forsworn leaving the boundaries of their forests.


Forsworn are only found, in our modern time, in deep forests or the recesses of the land, which have barely been touched. Though some believe that a few of these monsters are dormant, hiding within the eerie forests of the land, particularly in thick canopied and dark woodlands.


The forsworn do not need to eat, though the plant matter that make up a good portion of their being does. As such, they are required to remain in the sun during the day, and sap nutrients and water through the roots in their feet. When harvesting like this, the forsworn cannot move.


They are too low in intelligence to have personal feelings towards given creatures. Most forsworn are predisposed to killing anything that isn't native to their forest.


  • Incredibly strong. A swing from one of its hanging arms is enough to send anything flying.
  • Made primarily of soil and mud, it therefore cannot cross rivers without disintegrating into a much weaker, husk of their former selves.
  • Immune to arrows and most slashing attacks, its limbs are too caked in dirt and plant fiber to have a sword damage its branching skeleton.
  • Susceptible to fire -- open, and spreading, flames will send the beast into a panic.
  • At the center of its being is its "heart" a bulb the size of a human skull. If this is removed or destroyed, the entire beast falls dead. The bulb is not visible within the forsworn and hacking away at the forsworn to reach the bulb is a dangerous, nearly impossible, task.

Material Properties

  • The mud of the Forsworn Treant is a unique fertilizer that is capable of-when taken and applied to a tree, double the frequency of its natural fruiting cycle. [i.E 4 OOC Months to produce Fruit becomes 2]. This is a one time use, and wears off after its initial application.

Alchemical Properties

  • The bulb of the forsworn has a milky substance within it. Drinking this raw grants the user a permanent, toughened skin much like bark. Heavily Resistant to blunt and piercing damage, but extremely vulnerable to slashing. The downside of this permanent effect is that the user becomes far more stiff, and will have a harder time moving. This also causes pain when trying to push such a limit, to varying degrees of effect. The substance will slowly turn the user's body to wood over the course of 2 OOC months, and leave them dead in a tree-like state when it expires, growing roots and becoming implanted a few days after death. This downside does not affect Sinnehliv, but it is generally advised not to drink it without being used in a refined alchemical solution.

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