Gelatinous Ooze

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Art by Kumakira

Nearly invisible and commonly silent, these monolithic blobs of acidic jelly dwell in the darkest dungeons and caves, slowly sliding across floors to absorb and devour anything left behind, typically the remains of fallen explorers. A gelatinous ooze grows in volume the more it eats; however, once it reaches a volume of 9 meters it typically divides in two. Most ooze are transparent with no color, however after eating a cadaver their tinge can take on a red or brown hue. Gelatinous Oozes tend to have a small, hardened core of it's own material that is much like a squishy ball. If intact, it often hosts and controls the slime that it is being hosted by.


Caves, dungeons, and other cool subterranean environments, and are rather common beneath the ground.


When digesting, the only time it ever rests, the ooze will find the smallest container it can fit itself in, usually a room or pit, or chasm.


Oozes try to envelop and digest anything it can fit inside itself. Its acids digest flesh, bone, metals, and stones.


Oozes have no personality or opinions, and try to eat whatever they come across except their own kind.


  • The gelatinous ooze is wholly mindless, and thus is immune to any sort of mind altering spells or potions.
  • Oozes are blind, and rely on feeling the minute tremors of footsteps to understand the location of their prey.
  • They move slowly, but can extend a tendril forwards to grab. The size depends on the size of the ooze itself.
  • Arrows deal no damage to oozes, though swords may lop off small chunks from their body that harmlessly melt away.
  • Vulnerable to fire and fire based attacks, as the gooey substance is quite flammable.
  • Touching a Gelatinous Ooze will result in being captured, as the Ooze may easily suck in arms and legs.
  • Prey encapsulated by a Gelatinous Ooze find it difficult to escape, those inside of a Gelatinous Ooze will need an external entity or force to remove them.
  • Unable to melt glass in any way shape or form.
  • Cannot be tamed.

Material Properties

  • The acidic slime of the Gelatinous Ooze is extremely flammable, and can be used as a form of napalm that sticks very easily, and does not come off well.
  • The core of the Gelatinous Ooze has every property of Oobleck, and is a non-Newtonian fluid that is capable of absorbing any amount of kinetic energy without transference. At room Temperature, the Oobleck becomes "Solid", and becomes an extremely flexible, strong and nigh unbreakable material, but freezes and shatters easily in cold temperatures. Humid environments and extreme amounts of heat cause it to melt into a purely liquid state.

Alchemical Properties

  • None; strangely enough, the acidic nature of the ooze seems to only be maintained while the creature is alive. The small chunks that may be hacked off by swords hold no acidic properties once removed from the living creature.

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