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The Geography of Aethius is one that features fantastic and magical elements alike. The fauna and flora hold incredible power, as do most materials.

There is an incredible amount of lore regarding what resides in the world, most of which will be organized here.

Aversia Foreign Continents
Aversia refers to the continents that the story of Aethier takes place in and is where characters spend most, if not all their time. While the center of the story for Aethier is Aversia, there are outside places in Aethius with stories of their own.

Aversian Natives

Drakonspyre Saerwald
The Pine Village Angarvunde
Judicariate of Mignuhm


Flora Fauna
Plants come in every shape and size, with effects ranging from beneficial to incredibly deadly depending on how they are used. The animals of Aversia can be as dangerous as they are beautiful. Some can be tamed for their unique abilities and others hunted for their valuable hides and materials.
Stones Metals
Hidden in unassuming places across Aversia are stones with mysterious effects and capabilities. From Legendary to Common, metals are sought after and hoarded by the denizens of Aversia- and with good reason. They have the potential to make powerful weapons, the metal alone being a remarkable material.
Cloth refers to both traditional cloth as well as hides, chitin, and other sewn fabrics. While some might overlook the material in favor of denser armor the wise will be aware of the innate power of the material used.

Areas of Interest

The land of Aversia is a fantastical one, but there are places within that are even more so.

The Bogs of Arkolos The Desert's Gem
The Dwarfrun The Fogwall
The Giant's Highlands The Mana Vortex
The Nine Circles The Waters of Salvation

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