Ghoulish Puffer Fish

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This species of puffer is commonly small, ranging about only 8-12 cm's in length. Being only a kilo or so in weight. The normal colors of these beings range from a pale white all the way to a deep grey, with some mixing in between. However, the normal appearance is not what gives these animal's their names, as normally they might be considered quiet cute, and innocent looking, until they are frightened, and the monster comes out of it's shell. Once frightened, the puffer will gain a spectral light shroud around their bodies, consisting of a glowing slime light substance that is secreted from their bodies that will shine quiet brightly within the confines of source of water. This light is used to frighten away any form of danger in which the puffer was scared of. It is said that this slime like substance will continue to glow bright enough to be considered painful for a few minutes until it finally fades away, leaving little behind.


These puffers are strictly found within warmer waters of the realm, tending to stick to areas of low depth, such as reefs, or coral deposits. They are not adapted for cold waters, and will stick to areas in which year round, currents of water can be found to keep them sustained with enough heat. As these fish are quite skiddish they are considered rare in nature.


Sticking to the tropical areas of the realm, these creatures prefer living among shallow areas such as reefs or coral deposits where they may easily find food and hide from any form of predators. They stick close to their coral homes and will often den within small caves or outcroppings to nest, making hundreds of eggs during a single season, but many will perish before releasing tiny puffers into the oceans currents to grow.


These puffers stick to a diet consisting of plant matter such as kelp, some types of corals and other tiny cellular matter found within the ocean. Seeming to stay away from meat. As their nature seems to imply, they are not hunters, and will not actively attack any other species of fish in an aggressive behavior.


Ghoulish puffers are neutral to most things as they live among other fish within reefs. However should anything frighten or attempt to hunt one of these beings and they will activate their defensive measures and attempt to flee. They will attempt to defend their nests during mating seasons, capable of keeping most other fish away from their hollows during such seasons.


  • These puffers are capable of releasing a glowing slime like substance when frightened or endangered, this slime will grow extremely bright for a maximum of 5 emotes before fading into cellular debris.
  • Due to their natural habitats they cannot live in cold water, sticking to warmer areas such as tropical or with shallows of abundant coral growth, like reefs.
  • Ghoulish puffers are said to have extremely good eyesight, adapted to see shadows within the water, to prevent from being hunted by birds or other predators above the ocean's surface.
  • If the slime is consumed, one will experience deep pains within the stomach, and eventual expulsion of the material, unable to be digested, and considered toxic or harmful to the stomach.

Material Properties

  • The skin of a Ghoulish puffer fish is completely inert, and any types of acid, poison, venom or natural toxic material can be touched safely if one creates protective gear with this material.

Alchemical Properties

  • If the slime is carefully collected from the body of these creatures, they will find it an extremely valuable source of fuel or source of light. The slime of a Ghoulish pufferfish is entirely immune to water and its standard effects to fire, and as such can be used for underwater torches, or to create artificial sources of heat beneath the waves. The flame does not get hot enough to burn however-merely enough to warm oneself from the cold depths or generate a moderate amount of light.

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