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Arvora.png Arvora - The Matriarch
God of Healing, Fertility, Evolution, Nature, and Creation.
100px Belek - The Warden of the Damned
God of Farcanith, Oppression, Authority, Ambition, and Kinship.
Domm.png Domm - The Forge Lord
God of Earth, Craftsmen, Family, and Progress.
Morto.png Morto - The Shepherd
God of Death, Destiny, Age, and Judgement.
Ombra.png Ombra - The Deceiver
God of the Moon, Night, Ambition, and Deception.
Sterk.png Sterk - The God of War
God of War, Honor, Strategy, Prowess, and Discipline.
Venti.png Venti - The Reckless
God of Weather, Peace, Nonconformity, and Music.
Bahari.png Bahari - The Unflinching
God of the Sea, Marine Life, Looting, Strength, and Ruthlessness.
100px Dahriim - The Blade of Justice
God of Heroes, Justice, Law, and Hope.
Foli.png Foli - Discord's Host
God of Chaos, Murderers, Hatred, and Treachery.
Oklamat.png Oklamat - The Traveler
God of Luck, Fortune, Adventure, and Travel.
Sol.png Sol - The Cleansing Flame
God of the Sun, Purity, Fury, and Fire.
Vassas.png Vassas - Guardian of Eternity
God of Time, Order, History, Diligence, and Balance.
Vikret.png Vikret - Curiositas Aeterna
God of Magic, Knowledge, Alchemy, Curiosity, and Divination.

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