Hairless Desert Cat

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The hairless desert cat is a medium sized cat that typically weighs 6-12lbs. Their bodies are bald and sometimes wrinkled, although often found quite slender.

Sometimes proclaimed to be ugly, these cats are beautiful to those not as shallow. Where it lacks in physical appearance, it makes up for it in emotional warmth which attract people to it. The Desert cat is known to communicate in chirps and wines, more so than the typical meow. From the location they inhabit, the breed is often associated with Desert Elves and Yusati.

Their skin / coats can be smooth or covered with a smooth, fine, soft down. The nose, toes, ears, and tail may also have a light covering of fur. They have thick paw pads and a long slender, flexible tail. Their kittens are heavily wrinkled, but often grow into their skin once they reach adulthood. They also are devoid of whiskers and eyebrows.

Due to not having much fur covering, if at all, this breed can sometimes need help to keep clean and healthy. This is usually done by running a damp cloth over them, or sometimes even resorting to the need for a bath.

The life span of this cat is known to be from 8-14 years. This can of course, be shortened or expanded dependent upon conditions in which they live or how well they are cared for.


A common feline found in the sands of the southern desert.


These cats are sensitive to changes in the weather and will often be seen hunkering down to hide before sandstorms hit. As such, they are often bred by desert dwellers to be used as an early warning system for storms that could otherwise prove deadly.


These cats are highly affectionate, easy to groom, and don’t shed. They love attention and are curious and energetic. As they are active, they’re also social and great around kids.

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