Hanese Semi-Longhair

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The Hanese Semi-long hair is known for its sleek, soft coat. Their typical weight is any where from 11 to 15 pounds. This makes them one of the smaller breed of cat known to inhabit the continent, though just slightly bigger than the Scuro.

This breed can be found in a couple of different colors, most common is a white coat that darkens to grey at the ears, feet, and tail tip, though these cats can also be brown or black as a result of cross-breeding with native Aversian cats. Their ears are rounded and their entire body is covered in fur that is sleek despite being longer in length.

The tail of this Hanese cat differs from the other cats dotted about the realm, it is notable for the lack there of, the cat possessing a bobtail. Their hair type can be cause for a bit of grooming and attention by their owners. However, it is not extensive. The kittens tend to be fluffy in nature when they are born.

This cat is valued by many all over for its behavior and demeanor. It is a lovable breed that some say is more dog like in the way they bond with their owner. This breed becomes very protective over family and home, which makes the reference to being more dog like. Perhaps a determined person could teach it a trick or two.

The life span of this cat is known to be 12-15 years allowing them to live a long life with their owner.


They are commonly found on the eastern continent of Honji. Through trade and travel, the Hanese people have spread the breed to the continent of Aversia, though they are mostly confined to cities.


These cats tend to be aggressive toward strangers despite their small size. As such, they are kept as a sort of guardian of the household, yowling to alert their owners of intruders or danger.


This cat tends to create a strong bond with their owner, at times can cause the breed to fight with other cats in the household. They are known to be very vocal.

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