Healing and Injuries

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Healing and Injuries

Wounds and injuries follow a scale across all systems. This chart dictates the severity of each wound dealt, and provides a guide to healing.

  • Minor - Minor cuts, scrapes, and bruises
  • Mild - Lacerations, minor fractures, punctures, and gashes requiring stitches
  • Moderate - Broken bones, minor blood loss, 2nd degree burns, minor appendages (fingers, toes, etc.)
  • Severe - 3rd degree burns, major blood loss, major lacerations, large gashes, puncture wounds, etc.
  • Lethal - Fatal wounds, organ damage, limbs, etc.

Once an injury has been treated mundanely, it takes time for the wound to fully heal and the body to recover. These wounds once treated do not count toward any form of concentration breaks barring lethal, but can be more then easily opened up again to resume the negative effect depending on the situation. The mundane healing times of injuries are as follows, and CANNOT BE TIMESKIPPED ONCE INFLICTED:

  • Minor Wounds: Negligible amount of time.
  • Mild Wounds: 3 OOC Days.
  • Moderate Wounds: 9 OOC Days.
  • Severe Wounds: 15 OOC Days.
  • Lethal Wounds: 21 OOC Days.

Alchemical heal times are based on the alchemical.

Accelerated artificial regeneration has a high demand on the body, resulting in negative effects when used. Any and all scarring will remain unless the spell specifies otherwise. Alchemical and mundane (natural) healing are the only ways to avoid this drawback. Wounds healed at the mild tier do not apply this drawback. Any mana, shakti, or aura based abilities that heal injuries cause the following effects for those they heal:

  • Upper Body Injuries (above waist): -1 strength tier per wound healed.
  • Lower Body Injuries (below waist): -1 speed tier per wound healed.
  • Full Body Injuries or Full Restoration: -1 strength AND speed tier per wound healed.

These drawbacks apply for an extended amount of time depending on the severity, following the progression below:

  • Mild Wounds: 1 OOC Day.
  • Moderate Wounds: 3 OOC Days.
  • Severe Wounds: 5 OOC Days.
  • Lethal Wounds: 7 OOC Days.

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