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These creatures aren’t easily found in the wild due to their very clever camouflaging that predators have not caught onto yet. Hedgerocks are named as such because they are hedgehogs who have adapted to nature so much that instead of spikes they grow shamrocks or more commonly known as four leaf clovers, on their backs. They are the size of common household rabbits and rather tame to the outside world. They have become docile due to the fact that most animals that would eat them do not see them as appealing anymore or as easy prey to hunt down. Because of this docile nature they are perfect as pets for those living in the forest and on rare occasions to those who take great care of them while living in cities.


Hedgerock’s can be found in most forests. They hibernate so tend to not seek out colder climates but aren’t shy to them either. As long as luscious grass grows where they can hide themselves in they are there, They are considered common.


Their homes are commonly made in little burrows under trees or under hedges. It won’t commonly seek out large cities but is content living and stealing from vegetable gardens.


Hedgerocks are Herbivores only eating grass or clovers in the wild. When they get the chance they love other raw vegetables making them a menace for farmers and other crop farming people. Carrots farms have it the worst often seeing the cute animals worm their way through the gates to get their little paws on a fresh carrot.


They are a great pet for those living in the forest. Sylvan creatures often live in harmony with them already. Some call them pets but others just take care of them without a need to even claim them as their own. Because of their clover abilities they are good to have around for the sake of luck, and Oklamat seems to favor them as well.


  • When a bond is formed with a Hedgerock it will allow you to pluck a four leaf clover from it’s back which is known to give good luck to those who hold one.

Material Properties

  • None

Alchemical Properties

  • None

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