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The Hydra is an aquatic serpent boasting a variety of heads ranging from six to twelve. They can be anywhere from green to blue to tan to white in coloration or any combination, their scales smooth. They have fins growing down their heads and neck, lining along their spine and tail. In size, a Hydra can be anywhere from the smallest of a polar bear to even being large enough to engulf an entire vessel with its body. The Hydra have four legs with webbed toes, allowing them to swim at great speeds. These toes boast strong claws that are retractable. Their teeth are long and sharp, though are similar to snakes in how many they boast.


The Hydra are considered rare creatures. The larger the hydra, the less likely they are to be with other hydras whereas the smaller they are the more likely they are to stick with a group.


The Ocean, generally the deep sea. Temperature, fresh or salt water doesn’t seem to affect them.




Passive until provoked.


  • Each head that is cut off will be replaced by two other heads that regrow in its place.
    • The heads will no longer grow if cauterized by fire
  • Blood is poisonous and acidic, capable of melting through flesh.
  • Each head is capable of spewing out a hot or cold spout of water from their jaws, similar to that of a geyser in force.
  • Their scales and hide is capable of repelling any liquid as well as being flexible.

Material Properties

  • Their hide, while scaly, is perfect for use in underwater clothing as it will repel water from passing through the hide as well as retain heat.

Alchemical Properties

  • Poisonous and acidic blood. They have glands in the very bottom of their neck that carries a fluid that once removed from the body holds extreme regenerative properties, but at a cost. It is capable of regrowing entire limbs though it will make a second one in the process, causing the limbs to be difficult to use.

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