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Description: An Imp is a creature found in the various realms of Farcanith and are found to serve various Demons who are both present in these realms or in the realms of mortals. These creatures are rather short in stature and are not very bright or strong either. They tend to be around 2 feet in height and are known to have leathery skin that ranges from blues to blacks to reds and browns as well as large beady eyes, long arms, short legs and torsos as well as a pointed tail and even horns. Their claws are known to be sharp and they have posable fingers which only number a total of three, this being one thumb and two larger fingers for grabbing. Their toes work in a similar fashion to their hands because of this. Imps are known to have sharp and long teeth as well.

Imps are rather daft creatures and are usually employed by demons for menial labor, mundane tasks they cannot be bothered with, or as cannon fodder for their armies. Imps themselves are nothing of note, but usually signify the presence of something far more dangerous nearby. When slain, Imps return to Farcanith much like their demonic masters to reform over the years in strength, this force being unable to be slain forever.


Imps are rarely if ever found in the world of mortals, Aversia, without having been summoned by some otherworldly force. Those who have remained in Aversia usually remain at their Master’s side, volcanic areas, or places in which the border between Farcanith and Aversia thins.


Imps are found all over the various realms of Farcanith, their bodies changing to the various climates found within.


Imps do not need to eat anything. They are beings of pure and twisted profane energies from the realms of Farcanith. They do not subsist off of food as mortals do.


Imps speak whatever tongues the master that summoned them is able to speak. They naturally dislike those who are not their master and are quick to anger or cause them to attack others. They embody the lands they are from and the type of demon which they are summoned by.


  • Unable to be commanded by Mortals.
  • Entirely loyal to their Master’s wishes.
  • Mischievous creatures.
  • Physically and mentally weak. Meant for menial labor or simple tasks.
  • Weak to all things which harm profane, holy icons, gold, and silver.

Material Properties

  • N/A.

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