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The Tyrannosaurus is a massive bipedal lizard-like creature with a large skull balanced by a long, heavy tail. Relative to its large and powerful hind limbs, Tyrannosaurus fore limbs are short but unusually powerful for their size and have two clawed digits. The Tyrannosaurus’ body is covered in a set of thick scales to protect it against other Tyrannosaurus seeking to take more territory for itself, as well as a set of extremely powerful jaws and a row of razor sharp teeth. The average documented size of a creature is around 12.3 m (40 ft) in length, measuring from the tip of its tail to its snout and . However, it is rumored to be able to grow much larger.

A rather unique feature of the Tyrannosaurus is its the ability to alter the pigments in its scales and change their color, much like a chameleon, making it able to easily camouflage itself in its jungle habitat. The Tyrannosaurus uses this ability to aid in hunting, laying in wait for hours before ambushing any pray unfortunate enough happens to cross its path.

The Tyrannosaurus is a solitary and extremely territorial creature so it is rare to find them in groups high than two, only really socializing to either drive rivals off of each other's territory or to find mates.


Tyrannosaurus have been found to reside in jungle and wooded areas of southern Aversia. Due to their solitary nature, they are considered Legendary.


The Tyrannosaurus is found in areas with hot and humid climates, preferring to create their nests in areas with dense vegetation. Once a Tyrannosaurus has found an area to make their nest they rarely move from it willing, violently protecting their territory and hunting grounds from other Tyrannosaurus.


Carnivorous in nature, their diet consists of whatever creature is unfortunate enough to walk into one of their ambushes.


Tyrannosaurus are ambush predators, and rarely socializing with other members of their species, viewing them as threats. Most animals are viewed as food. However, when fully fed they are rather passive towards smaller animals, viewing them as a non-threat and not worth the energy to hunt.


  • Can alter the the pigments of their scales in a similar fashion to a chameleon, allowing them alter their camouflage to fit their surroundings.
  • Able to be tamed if caught at an incredibly young age, however, it is extremely difficult. Their territorial nature is impossible to get rid of through mundane means, making it near impossible to keep more than one of the same gender without issues occurring.

Material Properties

  • The scales of the Tyrannosaurs remain active even after their death. If made into any piece of clothing, the scales naturally adapt to their surroundings, changing their pigment based on where they are to be the perfect, hard to spot camouflage.

Alchemical Properties

  • The eyes of a Tyrannosaurus are an extremely valuable alchemical ingredient, especially due to their fragility. If used in an alchemical mixture, the eyes can allow for temporary infrared vision, and the ability to detect heartbeats through any surface within 20m temporarily.

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