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Due to its typical prey, the Kal'gra Croc tends to grow to great lengths, the largest ever caught being around 6 meters in length. The average male Kal'gra Crocodile grows to around 4-5 meters in length (13.1234 - 16.4042 feet) in length while the females average 3.5-4.5 meters in length ( 11.4829 - 14.7638 ) when fully grown. In addition to their size, this variety of crocodile has adapted itself to the riverbed in it's coloration and texture. The skin on the top of the creature is a dull sandy cream and the belly of the beast being a murky blue-green as to camouflage it from both above and below, a rough bark-like textured skin as well to blend in better with riverbeds.

Despite it's naming the creature is not a true crocodile due to the set of gills allowing for it to remain submerged for an indefinite amount of time, the Crocodile name was given to it by locals who rightfully believed it to be said creature from stories passed on by merchants and travelers. Some of it's other notable features are it's six legs, used to move around along the riverbed when requiring stealth and it's large thick tail to move quickly through the waters when about to catch prey.

In addition to six legs the creature has six eyes, each one attuned to a different condition. The front pair being for murky conditions and have a protective layer to prevent sand from entering them however making them less useful during clear conditions as they have a reduced range of vision. The middle pair are suited to clear day conditions and are keen to movement, however not fairing well when in unclear waters or at night. The back pair are attuned to dark lighting and are highly sensitive to dark conditions making night time movement an option, their sensitivity requiring them to be shut during day otherwise the Kal'gra Croc would experience great discomfort and pain.

In optimum conditions the beast is able to survive for up to 70 years, achieving a large enough size to pose a threat at 5 years of age.


Kal'gra Crocs very rarely venture far from their familiar wetlands where their population is the most dense. Where they do live, they are extremely numerous, and as such are common.


The Kal'gra Croc nests within the waters that it calls home, burying it's eggs deep within the muddy floors of the mash.


The animal's diet changes as it grows older, starting off by eating smaller variants of fish, gradually requiring to increase it's intake until once it is fully matured where it is commonly known to have the remains of other Kal'gra and river dolphins.


The creature due to it's notoriety for violence is a commonly hunted animal, having been driven to near extinction in years long gone, the now rising population having claimed the mostly abandoned marshland.


  • Has a biting force of around 4,000lbs ( 18,000 N ) when matured
  • Able to breathe underwater
  • Can move on land for small periods of time, requiring to return to the water within up to 5 minutes.
  • Cold blooded, will often bask on the surface of the water.

Material Properties

  • The tough skin of the Kal'gra Croc can be used as an extremely effective lamellar that is extremely durable and strong, even underwater. Strangely, the Kal'gra Croc skin is still alive in a sense, and while dipped within water, the cells within the tough skin will naturally heal any holes or piercings, restoring it to what it was.

Alchemical Properties

  • While many pieces of the Kal'gra Croc can be considered to have some sort of effect, only the eyes have a true effect. When brewed with an alchemical, it allows for an extremely good ability to see properly underwater.

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