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Often confused as an entity from outer space, the King slime is a deep run creature that has a jump height of enormous potential, causing it to sometimes shoot itself into the darkness. When it comes down, the slime is often mistaken for a meteor or asteroid due to its size, but after impact it often returns to the underground after minor exploration on the surface. While it often comes in different sizes depending on what it has recently eaten, it is always somewhere within the 8-16m wide range, and often just as tall, as it likes to keep as spherical as possible for travel.

Seen in a very distinctive royal blue color, the translucent slime hides a single strange object within its body at all times that reforms upon destruction, known as the Slime crown. Its true effects and nature are a mystery to everyone but itself, but it seems to grant it extreme regenerative properties more so then that of a regular slime. In addition, legends believe that the crown allows the King slime to be able to command other slimes while it is wielding it, and that it may use it one day to invade the overworld.


The King Slime is a Unique creature, and is rarely seen the deep run, but can end up anywhere.


The King Slime ventures anywhere, and thus doesn't have a particular habitat.


The King slime feeds on primarily organic materials such as flora and fauna, though can eat minerals if desperate.


The King Slime is generally a passive creature unless provoked or hungry. Its lack of sentience does mean it is unpredictable in these two habits, however.


  • The King slime is immune to blunt weaponry, and often reflects it backwards toward the person who hit them with it.
  • The King slime can be cut into pieces, but each forms an independent slime that is just as strong. This can quickly overwhelm opponents.
  • Breaking the crown causes it to become aggressive, and the crown regenerates after 5 emotes.
    • During this time the Slime is far more vulnerable, and cutting off its pieces does NOT result in splitting.
  • The King slime is capable of changing its shape and body to any number of shapes and sizes if it so desires.
  • The King slime is capable of absorbing and melting all but the most acidic resistant materials within seconds if consumed.
  • The King slime is capable of holding in magic and bouncing it back out at others, as well as possessing minor magic itself.

Material Properties

  • The crown of the slime king can be looted from its body if it dies, and while the Slime King returns to the earth to reform, the crown itself is a powerful tool that allows passive regeneration.
  • Minor wounds take 3 emotes to heal, mild takes 4, moderate takes 5, severe takes 6, and lethal wounds will not heal in time regardless.

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