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Often referred to as manta rays of the underground, the Kiutol is a flying creature that looks very similar to a manta ray. Their tails are barbed and long, capable of grappling onto things easily. The underbelly of the Kitol tends to be lighter shades of white, gray or even browns, whereas the tops of them match the color of the caverns they adorn, dark grays, browns, or even blacks. They have two eyes that are capable of seeing in the dark easily, though they tend to duplicate themselves in order to serve both as distractions and extra means of attacking until they’re realized for fakes. The Kitol will often slide on the tops of cave ceilings and sort of glide along unnoticed. They create small dens for their family and pack to live in, and tend to be territorial of these locations.


The Kitol is rare in nature and tends to travel in small groups of two to three. They have been known to be seen alone though this is much less likely than to be seen in a group.


The Deep Run.


The Kitol are omnivores, capable of eating both creatures in the deep run and any sort of plants that might grow near them. It is rare they eat plants, but they do have an odd desire to eat food that people eat.


The Kitol is a generally docile creature, as it likes to remain hidden at the tops of caverns. However they have been known to be aggressive on creatures that encroach on their dens areas as they are territorial to a minor degree.


  • Creates three illusions of itself that act like duplicates. These duplicate illusions can be dispelled by very bright light, however otherwise until they’re dispelled they act as if physical. These illusions appear to be entirely real and it takes three injuries to cause them to dispel without bright light.
  • Capable of creating an echoing cry that induces fear by all those who hear it who don’t beat a DC 12 save to resist this overwhelming sense of fear. When feared, targets are compelled to try to get away from the Kitol.
  • Tail and teeth are as sharp as steel and serve as its primary way of attacking.
  • Capable of creating a large wind effect with its wings that stumble and knock enemies down in a large AoE or may specifically target a singular person and whisk them five meters into the air, to which they will stay there until hit.

Material Properties

  • The fins of the kitol can be harvested and used as an ingredient in order to grant levitation, creating a wind effect that whisks people into the air for a short duration.

Alchemical Properties

  • The kitol’s voice box can be harvested and used to amplify voices to be louder, however this seems to merely be a side effect. The voice box can be used in order to create temporary duplicates, much like a kitol can do to itself.

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