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Farcaniths Raging Storm

Brand: Located on a strong muscular portion of a dominant leg or arm in a bloody crimson.
Motto: "Everything that goes against you should be put down. Revel in others suffering; it brings you power."
Color: Crimson Red
Common Worshipers: Berserkers, Warriors, Gladiators, Torturers, Executioners
Domains: Fury, Revenge, Passion, Destruction
Sub-Domains: Rebellion, Lightning
Favored Objects: Executioner’s Tools, Flails, Blood

Konius is a grotesquely battle-scarred Greater Demon that often crackles with lightning and possesses dark clouds circulating his body at all times, causing him to be easily spotted due to the thunderous booms near-constantly erupting from him. He wears little clothes on the daily and instead dons the armors and other clothing of the people he kills in battle, making his appearance range dramatically depending on the day. Konius always carries with him a flail, foregoing the usage of his enemies weaponry in favor of his own. He’s ill-tempered and is known to give both brutal and slow deaths to anyone who so much as minorly inconveniences him. Konius is the strongest of all the Greater Demons, causing anyone to challenge him to be near-instantly struck down and slaughtered by him.


  • Always fight, but never without seeking the thrill or without passion.
  • The world is yours to destroy; possessions are but tools of war.
  • No matter the odds of the fight or the size of the foe, accept every challenge.

Layer of Farcanith

The Raging Storm is Konius’s layer of Farcanith, except it’s not a stationary location. His realm is a massive lightning storm that travels across every inch of Farcanith causing mass amounts of destruction in its wake. Konius often uses this as a means of transportation and while he is travelling to seek out new challengers, he fights with his own lesser demons in an endless war of betrayal, revenge and destruction.


As long as the branded is actively engaging in combat, every five turns the branded’s wounds will go down by one tier. This does not apply non-mundane healing rules. This healing will stop as soon as combat is over, meaning they don’t passively heal outside of active combat. This healing does not apply to lethal wounds.


Konius has challenged every single Greater Demon in battle, though received no responses from that of Elbrieta or Madame Amona. This resulted in terrorization against their layers of Farcanith, earning the Furious one both frostbite and year-long entrapments in cages of shadows. His one and only battle against Ukoru resulted in a stalemate and while he constantly attempts coups to overthrow Astaroth, Konius is, each time, overcome with hellfire and sent back to his own layer of Farcanith. This never stops him from trying again.

Myths and Speculations

It’s rumored that Konius often appears in every single massive conflict in order to enact his own fury on both sides of the battle, simply murdering and bathing in bloodshed to his own desire before he simply disappears unknowingly to those who survived and didn’t catch a glimpse of him, for everyone who does is inevitably is cut down by the Greater Demon.

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