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Kumihos are wicked creatures which inhabit the woodlands of Aversia and Honji. Kumihos are known to inhabit shaded areas with trees that are densely forested. The Kumihos are known to inhabit these areas particularly because of the trickery they are able to pull on sentient creatures who have found themselves isolated or relatively alone in the woods. Kumihos are creatures who have very powerful spirits magic, as well as illusionary magic. There are three kinds of known Kumihos: Shadow, Fire, and Ice. Each can inhabit all the same locations, being a unique creature in the sense that their element is not bound to where they might be located. Shadow Kumihos are proficient in Erebokinesis, Fire Kumihos are proficient in Pyromancy, and Ice Kumihos are proficient in Ice-based Hydromancy. Shadow Kumihos are known to have a black coat, sometimes with white or grey-flame-like adornments or underbellies, Fire Kumihos tend to be reds, oranges, and yellows with other fiery underbellies, while Ice Kumiho's tend to be pure white, though sometimes have black or icy blue augments.

Each kind of Kumiho is nefarious in their purpose, not surviving off of flesh or plants, but rather the souls of their victims. These souls are absorbed into the gem ontop of their forehead which augments and acts as the apex for their magic. This gem is unable to be manipulated by Terramancy as it is considered a living object when inside of the Kumiho. Their body is most characteristically known for looking like a fox, though does have some abnormalities. Firstly, the gem at the base of their forehead. Secondly, the Kumiho is known to have nine tails which span from its backside instead of just a singular one. Thirdly, the Kumihos are known for having short horns which span from their temples on either side of the gem to keep it protected. Kumihos upon their deaths from starvation release all the souls trapped within their gem back into the open as if they had just died.

Kumihos are known to be a ravenous but patient creature. When put into a scenario where a group is in the forest, they will pick off people one by one, luring them in with images of loved ones and people they have long since missed before. They will rarely if ever attack head on physically, preferring to stay in trees or in the brush away from people. They are known to be incredibly shy and it is rare that even if one is able to figure out they are being tricked that they will find the source animal.

Kumihos are known to be very patient and have strong illusion magic. Some stories tell that their illusions have persisted for years, having abducted small children and taking their forms inside of houses. They are good enough to even show growth in age or reasonable changes in pitch and emotion, able to replicate these feelings. Their illusions are also able to be felt, touch, smelt, etc. Even those with Arcane Eye are unable to properly see that the magic is being cast, making catching Kumihos incredibly difficult. Kumiho's are born with a single tail and grow another every hundred years of their life, capping out at nine-tails for the oldest of Kumihos (even though they can live older than 900 years.) The process of removing souls from the bodies of mortals is taken out over time, it being a slow and relatively unnoticeable process. The side effects of this are an oncoming lethargy, a slowness of thought, and a weakness of mind and body. These side effects are usually noticed too late by its victims if inexperienced with the animal.


Kumihos are only found in woodland areas. Specifically, Kumihos are found inside of taigas, jungles, and temperate forests. Kumihos will not be found inside of extremely hot desert climates or mountainous regions. In side of these areas, Kumihos are solitary creatures. Kumihos tend to be solely in areas with limited eye sight and high amounts of shade. Kumihos are considered rare.


Kumihos are found in the Northern half of Aversia, as well as the islands of the south. Their hovels tend to be made of foliage, though if need be they are able to climb up trees and hide if others are seeking them. Their fur is eccentric and can usually be spotted, so they are naturally inclined to stay in hiding.


Kumihos are able to persist in the realm solely by eating the souls of others. This is the sole part of their diet. They act passively to all other forest animals and are not considered carnivores or herbivores. They do have sharp teeth though which they use defensively to ward away prey.


Kumihos are hostile to other sentient creatures, being considered somewhat sentient themselves. They however do not have an established language or anything of the sort. Kumihos live vicariously through the people they are feigning the existence of who will always and inevitably betray the person they seek for their soul. They are incredibly docile to other forest life, only acting out of self-defense to larger predators.


  • Hostile towards Sentient Creatures
  • Wild; Unable to be Tamed
  • The Gems in their foreheads are able to cast powerful Psionics, Souls, and (Pyromancy, Hydromancy, or Erebomancy.)
  • The Gem base discipline is Psionics + One of the others listed above.
  • Any other Disciplines will need a catalyst made for them.
  • Very Fast, Nimble, and Quick.

Material Properties

  • Kumiho gems are able to act as empty Soul Jars, able to entrap a soul and house them safely should someone proficient in the magic use a spell to bind a soul inside of it.
  • Kumiho gems are also excellent catalyst modifiers, improving catalysts in Psionic, Spirit, and one of Pyromancy, Hydromancy, or Erebomancy.

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