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Commonly mistaken as a variety of Treant, Leshen are amalgamations of the forest: They are formed primarily of wood but adorn themselves in the bones and flesh of man and animal alike. They often stand upwards of 8 ft tall and assume lanky humanoid figures with long wooden claws. Unlike their counterpart, the Spriggan, Leshen are intrinsically evil. They are dark and primordial nature spirits that dwell in only the deepest and darkest of forests. These beings are ancient, predating even the earliest of civilizations though little is known about them, except that they should be avoided at all costs. A Leshen itself is not a physical being, but rather an ancient spirit manifesting itself in the nature that surrounds it. As beings of dark power, they are able to manipulate the life around them, plant and wild animal alike, to hunt their prey. These lumbering creatures do not move quickly, instead they call upon their powers to trap their prey as they slowly make their way toward it. When a Leshen kills its prey, it often makes use of their remains to add to its adornment. These forms are often susceptible to fire, however as Leshen are not physical beings they feel no pain. When a Leshen’s body is destroyed, it simply moves on and begins to form a new body out of the surrounding plant-life. More powerful Leshen can reform new bodies in a matter of mere minutes. When a Leshen’s body is destroyed, it leaves behind its trophies to start anew: The more bones that adorn a Leshen’s form, the more victims it has slain without being defeated.


Leshen primarily inhabit the large forests of central Aversia. These creatures are extremely rare, so much so that they are dismissed as tales told to scare children at night and nothing more. The rarity of these creatures scales with the wood the build their forms out of: an oaken Leshen would be considered common, whereas a hero's ebony Leshen would be considered ultra-rare. Most often, Leshen and spotted alongside Spriggans. They can sometimes be found in the forests north of the eastern swamps and the western, coastal peninsulas.


Leshen are found only in the deepest parts of forests, and are often found by ancient ruins. Their hunting grounds are marked by effigies comprised of the remains of their prey.


As malignant spirits, Leshan are beyond the need of a diet. It is unclear why they hunt.


Territorial and predatory, Leshen are passive to the creatures of the forest, often using their dark magic to control them to hunt their quarry. Any and all who stumble into the hunting grounds of a Leshen will be pursued relentlessly within the confines of the forest. Leshen actively hunt and pursue any sentient form of life that wanders into its territory.


  • Physical forms are weak to fire and can be destroyed with it.
  • Use dark magic to control plant-life and wildlife to trap prey for them.
  • Move slowly to finish off trapped prey.
  • Cannot truly die, when their bodies are destroyed they form new ones, however stealing their soul causes this process to stop, effectively "killing" them.

Material Properties

  • Leshen often form themselves out of rare, and strong woods. If ones body can be disabled without destroying the wood, it can be salvaged.

Alchemical Properties

  • Unknown

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