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[Sightings of or interaction with these creatures are prohibited outside of EXPLICIT lore approved events.]

A large beast with amphibian traits; thousands of sharp teeth protrude from the blackened and diseased gums of the Leviathan. Its cavernous mouth is around the size of three whales combined. Each of the creature's carnivorous teeth is over two feet long in length, perhaps longer. Quite like its namesake, the creature is unbelievably colossal in size. A true measure of its girth has never been been acquired; never has one of its adult kind been slain. Few have ever escaped encounters with the beast alive, and those who have often can only report muddled and confused tales of its shifting form.

Upon the seaweed green creature is a thick layer of putrid slime. This rancid ooze that encapsulates its skin is a highly acidic substance. When fully removed from the dark depths that hide its bulk, one could see that the Leviathan has many tentacles protruding from an unseen mass. At the base of each tentacle resides a small bulb of liquid. If the original tentacle is severed from the body, then another two will regenerate. The bulbs however take longer, as the creature has to steadily pump the liquid back into the sac. This process takes several minutes to complete in total. Much like its octopod kin, it possesses eight tentacles in total. Each of these tendrils bears many suction-cups. The cold-blooded abomination sees through eight eyes in total. Two large and charcoal colored eyes reside on the bulbous mass of its head, each enormously large and easily bigger than a human. The other six are scattered along the side of the creature's head, about half the size of the main eyes, though do vary.

A Leviathan is said to breathe through its skin and mouth for its normal respiration, however its perpetual slime coat impedes breath through its hide. Instead, it also intakes air through its gargantuan mouth. It does not possess organs akin to any normal creature for its breath, instead its' dense and tightly woven muscle allows it to inhale and exhale vast quantities of air and water at once. Tales abound of entire ships vanishing beneath the waves, sucked away by its titanic inhalations, though it is most often seen in the form of strange vortexes within the sea.

The beast releases excess water through the suction cups on its tentacles, rendering them perpetually moist and slippery. Bio-luminescent spheres adorn a Leviathan's tentacles, each bearing around three to five at their tip. If ever detached from the beast, the lights will continue to glow, even brighter as it remains moist. The illumination suffuses its environment, brightly lighting a large radius about itself. Aquatic creatures are prone to mistaking the alluring glow for the light of the sun, especially those with poor vision. It is a highly common occurrence for undersea fauna to navigate towards a Leviathan's glow hoping to near the surface, only to meet death instead.


There has only been recorded two surfacing Leviathans, however the possibility of more isn't impossible. Never have they ever been encountered near each other, so it is often assumed that the amount of food required to sustain a Leviathan is so great that they drive each other out from their respective territories. Because of their very small population, they're considered legendary oceanic beasts.

Habitat: Most creatures are known to be accustomed to the deep sea and nothing other than such, however surfacing Leviathans have been recorded through many histories. This beast either dwells where the sunlight cannot pierce, or dark caves where it can simulate the deep-ocean's habitat. Some may swim in the oceans, taking down passing boats in dire times of hunt.


This creature knows nothing other than the smaller bacteria it suckles through filtering and other sources of meat.


Leviathans do not know of kin or relations with any race, some even turning on one another if they ever meet. The site is rare, but Leviathans will brutally massacre another of its kind if the creature approaches its meal.


  • Ability to suck in: air, water, and anything else obstructing its path with great and unstoppable force.
  • Leviathan's have eight eyes, making their perspective far grander than the average monster.
  • Their tentacles have regenerative properties; if a bulb at the base of one of its tentacles is severed or happens to burst, two more tentacles will grow from it to reconstruct one of the lost limbs.

Material Properties

  • The acidic slime of the Leviathan is capable of melting through any organic matter in a manner of seconds, if it can be collected properly.

Alchemical Properties

  • A Leviathan's Tendril-if captured and severed, has the capability of using its flesh as an ingredient to breathe underwater.
  • The suction cups of the Leviathan can be used as an ingredient to get an enhanced ability to climb on walls and other vertical or slippery surfaces.
  • The Skin of a Leviathan is a strangely Bio-compatible air like balloon, and if used like an ingested alchemical, and allow temporary underwater breathing, as well as immunity to water pressure.

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