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Liches are known as men who became beasts, their souls rotted beyond recognition. These creatures have reached a point of soul rot beyond what should be naturally possible for any necromancer, and as such are extremely rare cases. This is often due to intervention of a higher being of sorts, or even another lich. Liches are sentient all the same, and unlike the average necromancer, have awoken a newer power within themselves, the ability to freely raise the dead, without the use of mana or any external source. This is due to the scattering of their soul, and the requirement of multiple phylacteries. These phylacteries house aspects of the lich’s soul, and are often guarded by groups of undead. All phylacteries must be destroyed to destroy the lich, else it will be able to revive at any location the phylacteries reside, and can even inhabit the body of one of their many undead for a short period of time.

Along with their need for multiple phylacteries, comes their need for souls. Liches hold the innate ability to grasp and passively control lost souls. They also hold the power to destroy them, to power their own, consuming them entirely. This does not inherently destroy the soul’s integrity. Rather than erasing their victims, they are added to the lich’s power, becoming a part of their phylacteries, or a new phylactery for the lich entirely.

Finally, the lich comes with their army. They have a full control over each undead they raise, both lesser and greater. Though greater undead hold a freedom to their words, they can easily be silenced and puppeted by their lich in any given moment.


Liches have a reclusive nature until challenged. As such, any territorial action taken against them is considered a challenge of war. Liches are a legendary sight, however when one discovers a lich, it is often the last sight they see.


Liches have no set habitat, however they tend to have some form of lair in the world, but where it would be located is entirely up to the lich.




Liches hate the living, whether out of jealousy or malice, they hold no care for a single living being.


  • Liches can freely raise the dead on a whim. This can be from one undead, to an entire field of them.
  • Liches can control lost souls within 30 meters of themselves. They also hold passive soul sight.
  • Liches consume souls to fuel their phylacteries and power overall. Every soul they consume allows them to create a new phylactery. They do not destroy the soul however, only locking it to the phylactery.
  • Liches cannot be killed until every single phylactery is destroyed.
  • Liches have full control over all the dead they raise. Greater undead have free will as usual however the lich can still control and possess them if they feel the need.
  • Liches can start out at a maximum amount of 5 phylacteries, allowing more per soul they consume.

Material Properties

  • Whatever item becomes a phylactery for a lich, will inherit the property of a profane artifact.

Alchemical Properties

  • The blood of a lich can be used to corrupt one's body and soul, causing nine stacks of soul rot to be placed upon the creature in question. This does not allow anyone to surpass the maximum amount of stacks.

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