Lumiose Jellies

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Small jellyfish about the size of a fist that come in all types of colors ranging from blue, pink and green. During the day they are regular sea creatures that have the ability to also roam into the many rivers of the land, and during the night they start to glow. The glowing is a bioluminescent effect caused by the intake of the sun during the day. Just like normal Jellyfish they sting those that come into contact with their tendrils. The pain is a lot less than it normally would be compared to normal jellyfish, but lasts a lot longer.

They roam in schools through the ocean, but because of their smaller size have been known to float into rivers connected to the ocean itself. They migrate during the winter to warmer regions and aren’t known to go very deep underwater, as they need the sun to fuel them with energy every morning to fuel them through the night. The jellies don’t sleep, but can get exhausted if they don’t get enough nutrients, as they are filter feeders.


Jellies roam in the top parts of oceans, be it near shores or in deep rivers, They are considered Common.


They move in large schools commonly mixed in with other types of small fish. Warmer waters are very much preferred over colder regions but they can survive in both.


Lumiose Jellies don’t exhaust a lot of energy floating through the water effortlessly. They eat plankton and other small water creatures such as larvae. They get the most energy from floating near the surface of the water to obtain energy to glow during the evenings.


They roam in large schools, and are not really found alone unless they are dying. Because of the fact they eat plankton and other small water plants, they are very useful to have in polluted rivers and lakes for clean up. It isn’t the healthiest thing for the animal, but can be useful for landwalkers wanting to clean out an area.


  • They glow at night giving off a weak light source to light up rivers and parts of the ocean. Often used by Syrien as nightlights.
  • Their migration when in the middle of fall is done by all Jellies at same time. At night the northern parts of the world can look out their window and see large migrations of light travel through the water. It is quite a sight to behold and some make a holiday out of it.
  • These animals cannot be tamed.

Material Properties:

  • None

Alchemical Properties

  • When distilled and put into a potion, the effects cause you to see through solid objects no thicker than 3m for up to 5 emotes. The potion must be applied to the eyes directly, and a known side effect is dizziness and nearsightedness, which takes place for a small amount of time afterward.

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