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[Sightings of this creature are limited to lore approved events.]

These large predatory creatures serve as one of the south's most dangerous animals, with a vicious hunting instinct and more than enough strength to match, Manticores are the bane of any attempting to travel through the Crags. While none have been able to complete an autopsy on one of the beasts, it is believed that the creatures are mammalian, even in spite of their scaly hide. Additionally, while they are often described as having the face of a man, female Manticores do exist - but the sexes behave and appear differently from one another.

To a new victim, the Manticore appears to be a terrible amalgamation of beasts. The general form of the creature resembles that of a lion, with four legs, clawed paws, and a dense mane of fur - often matted with the remains of a kill. The only distinction to be made between the bodies of lions and Manticores is that the latter lacks fur, instead their bodies are covered in a beige texture that resembles a smooth yet scaly hide.

Upon the shoulders of a Manticore sits the head, possibly its most terrifying feature. Above its mouth, the face of a Manticore vaguely resembles that of a man; its rough skin is more fleshy and human-like when compared to the rest of its hide. Its eyebrows are but extensions of its mane, but add to the confusing visage all the same, similarly, the mane extends around the bottom of the head, creating a faux-beard to further make the creature resemble a human man. The similarities, however, end upon sighting the creature's mouth. Manticores posses two sets of teeth razor sharp teeth with no molars, their jaws only equipped for tearing flesh to be gulped down rather than chewed.

Male Manticores are typically larger than their female counterparts, weighing in around 420lbs and standing at 4ft at the shoulder, their length from nose to rump being about 6.5ft. Female Manticores do not possess a mane, and are marginally smaller - weighing in around 300lbs with a 3.5ft height and 6ft length. They are the size of lions.

The most noticeable appendage of the Manticore is its barbed tail, a long whip of a limb that is crowned with a brush of lengthy and serrated spines, each festering with venom. The tail of a Manticore is typically 3ft in length, the spines around half-a-foot in length themselves. While a Manticore is more than capable of downing a foe with its claws and teeth alone, the creatures have no issue in using their tails to down more challenging prey.


Manticores are an elusive and small-numbered species, considered rare not nearly so common as other desert fauna. While preferring dark and obscure areas to live in, they often prefer the steep ledges of plateaus that border the scorching sands.


The creatures primarily dwell in the Crags, often making lairs out of caves, alcoves, and other shaded areas. While the tenacious hunters are prone to chase prey to great lengths, Manticores rarely tend to travel beyond the confines of the rocky biome.


Manticores largely dine as carnivorous creatures, swallowing the flesh of their prey that are most abundant amongst the rocky plateau as well as other areas surrounding it. It is not uncommon for them to be seen taking down other meat-eating animals as well, digesting sizable amounts, and therefore skipping over smaller species that would not sustain their fervent diet.


They are avidly aggressive and territorial, being an independent species that rarely form packs due to their quarreling with one another if they happen to meet. Interactions with people often result in terror because of their frightening visage, usually avoided unless being purposefully hunted.


  • Manticore hide is a useful in that it is slightly more durable than leather.
  • Manticore venom can be used as a medicine or a poison depending on how it is applied and in what dosage.
  • The face of a manticore is so disturbing and surreal, that some paint it on shields or carve manticore faces into buildings, believing the cruel visage will ward away other dangers.
  • Manticores are solitary creatures, and often interact violently with one another.
  • This creature has four fangs, forty teeth, and twelve claws. An unhealthy Manticore may be missing any number of the aforementioned bodily elements.

Material Properties

Alchemic Properties

  • Manticore venom can only be obtained by draining the venom nodes in at the tip of the tail. This is done either by holding the spines together (with protective gear) and squeezing the venom out as though juicing a large and noxious lemon, or alternatively performing a quick surgery on the tails to reach the small sacs of venom. Manticore venom paralyses when let into the bloodstream. Too much of the venom, all the venom from four manticore tails, can force the heart to stop, whereas a few drops can work as a useful local anesthetic, numbing the limb so that no sensation can be felt for at least an hour. One venom gland holds roughly seven fluid ounces of venom.

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