Midland Tabby

From Aethier

The Midland tabby while some consider it to be a singular type of cat, this ‘breed’ comes from years of cross-breeding between other cat types across the continent. Some of the cross-breeding was intentional by those who sought a certain look, pattern, or other qualities not found in purebred cats. A tabby is considered as any cat with striping, spots, or swirling patterns upon its coat. They usually have an ‘M’ type marking above their eyes.

The Midland tabby is typically the size of the Valois Scuro, having similarities to the breed. Most believe this means a Scuro mixed with another breed to produce the first tabby. Tabbys continued to be produced through the cats’ on accords, and through the breeding of people.

Their fur colors are usually ginger, brown, black, and/or gray. It is rare, but occasionally a cat considered to be a calico will appear in the tabby group. While the Midland Tabbies do possess shorter fur, it is not typically as sleek as the Scuro’s.

This breed is known for its curious personality, and friendliness. Though this behavior can vary dependent upon the breed in which it descends from. Most do not bat an eye upon seeing this breed wandering around as it is quite common, and holds no special status with nobility or other such groups.

The lifespan of this cat ranges from about 11-17 years, varying from cat to cat, just like the behavior, dependent upon the breeds which were introduced to make it.


Like the Valois Scuro, this cat is also found commonly in the Midland, near Valois settlements, or other populated areas.


These cats are often friendly and intelligent like their Scuro cousins and thus are found as pets in poorer Valois households. They are also scattered about the midland found even in elven or other settlements not associated with the Valois. Considered to be a more common man cat than the Scuro.


They tend to get along well with people, behaving similar to those whom they stem from. Their behaviors and other instincts are subject to be different dependent upon which breed of cat they descend from. Most consider it to be a typical common house or outdoor cat.

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