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Mimicrovs are a large species of corvid, and a close relative to the raven, though they are somewhat larger on average than the common raven. With a wingspan of around 137 cm (4.5 feet) for females, and 152 cm (5 feet) for males, they are larger than even the largest raven, and it is possible for a mimicrov to get larger than their average size, especially in colder regions of the north. Their lifespan is around 20 years in the wild, and up to around 30 in captivity.

The birds are visibly distinct from their other corvid cousins in not just size. Their colors are different as well. While their base coloration is the classic inky black color, their wing tips are dark blue, and the feathers along their throat are slate grey.

They are highly intelligent, and it's not uncommon for mimicrovs that live around settlements to pick up words, or strings of words that they mix into their usual calls. They will also imitate other bird calls, and even other animals, if they happen to be around them often. Northern mimicrovs have been known to imitate brief wolf howls, or growling, due to the fact that they will often join wolves at kill sites.

These birds will mate for life, and nest in the same area year after year. They usually have three or four hatchlings at a time, and both parents help to care for the young by bringing them food, and guarding the nest. During the times of the year that they do not have young, a mated pair will spend their time together searching for food, and occasionally checking in on their adult young that happen to still live within the area. They are, however, highly hostile towards other, unrelated adult mimicrovs and other corvids, and will attack on sight if they enter their territory.


Mimicrovs are found all over the world, but they are most common in the frigid north, where most of the population resides in the snows. They are usually found where both grey wolves and piebald wolves are found, and are quite common around settlements. Because of this, they are considered to be very common.


They commonly roost in trees at night, usually just a mated pair and their young. They will often roost in barns, or houses, if allowed in, as they are quite comfortable around people. Their nests, during the spring months, are built high in the trees, but close to the trunks to offer some protection from the elements, and sometimes on rooftops, usually near the chimney due to the warmth it offers.


They are omnivores, but the bulk of their diet is meat. They hunt small animals such as mice and rats and voles, and will eat berries and nuts during the times that hunting has little success. They will eat carrion as well, and it's not uncommon for them to steal from stores left unwatched by people. Mimicrovs commonly follow wolf packs on hunts, and will feed on the carcass alongside them.


They are rarely hostile towards people, unless they have been wronged in some way. Mimicrovs are intelligent enough to remember faces, and will often pass this down to their young. So a man who threw rocks at a pair of mimicrovs will often be hassled by the birds, and their young. Similarly, it is possible to befriend the birds; if they are treated well, and are occasionally offered food, they will sometimes return the favor, leaving shiny things they've found behind, and even returning small lost items. They have even been known to assist hunters while hunting by showing them where prey can be found, something they will usually only do with wolves.

They can be tamed and used as messenger birds, but they need to raised from a young age to do this. Adults can be trained, but it takes a lot more work, and there is less success than when raising a young bird to do the job.

They are sometimes killed, however, due to the fact that they will often steal food from people, and some settlements consider them to be pests. For the most part, however, the birds have learned to avoid these places.


  • Highly intelligent
  • Can be friendly towards people
  • Hostile to other birds
  • Can be tamed

Material Properties

  • Mimicrov vocal chords are surprisingly agile and strong for a bird, and can be used to fashion superior bowstrings or other similar uses.
  • The ligaments of the creature have demonstrated substantial enchantment applications, due to their hollow structure.

Alchemical Properties

  • The eyes of the Mimicrov are an extremely valuable alchemical ingredient, and when used with its effect in mind in a solution, the eyes of the user can automatically detect shiny things such as metals, ores and valuables like jewelry and gems.

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